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Manual for Ventilation Assessment in Mechanically Ventilated Commercial Buildings.

pdf icon Manual for Ventilation Assessment in Mechanically Ventilated Commercial Buildings. (6508 K)
Persily, A. K.

NISTIR 5329; 129 p. January 1994.


Department of Energy, Portland, OR

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB94-145653


commercial buildings; ventilation; building diagnostics; indoor air quality; measurement; mechanical ventilation; office buildings; preventive maintenance


This manual describes procedures for assessing ventilation system performance and other aspects of building ventilation in mechanically ventilate commercial buildings. These procedures are intended to provide basic information on building ventilation for comparing ventilation performance to standards, guidelines and building design values and for investigating indoor air quality problems. The procedures in the manual are based on established measurement techniques and available instrumentation and provide practical means for obtaining reliable information on ventilation performance. The manual does not describe complete system evaluations that are performed during testing and balancing efforts or sophisticated measurement techniques that are used in ventilation research. The manual is written for technically competent indoor air quality investigators, building operators and others who need to perform ventilation assessments in order to address existing problems or as part of preventive maintenance programs. The manual provides background information on building ventilation, discusses instrumentation used in ventilation assessments, describes measurement techniques for determining the values of key ventilation performance parameters, and presents procedures to evaluate building ventilation using these techniques.