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Investigation of L'Ambiance Plaza Building Collapse.

pdf icon Investigation of L'Ambiance Plaza Building Collapse. (121 K)
Culver, C. G.; Marshall, R. D.; Rendon-Herrero, O.

Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Vol. 8, No. 2, 160-161, May 1994.


building collapse; investigations; shear stress; failure


In describing their investigation of the collapse of L'Ambiance Plaza in Bridgeport, Connecticut, the authors of the paper introduce new and crucial evidence that, when combined with other information that has surfaced over the past four years, makes a compelling case for shear-head failure as the triggering mechanism at L'Ambiance Plaza. While we do not find fault with the evidence presented in the paper, our interpretation of that evidence leads us to a failure scenario that differs in certain important aspects from the scenario advanced by the authors.