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Experimental Study of Joint Connections in Precast Concrete Walls.

pdf icon Experimental Study of Joint Connections in Precast Concrete Walls. (421 K)
Schultz, A. E.; Magana, R. A.; Tadros, M. K.; Huo, X. M.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. Earthquake Awareness and Mitigation Across the Nation. U.S. National Conference, Fifth (5th). Proceedings. Volume 2. July 10-14, 1994, Chicago, IL, 579-587 pp, 1994.


earthquakes; walls; precast concretes; office buildings; connections; structural systems


A research project is in progress, under the auspices of the U.S.-Japan coordinated PREcast Seismic Structural Systems (PRESSS) program, to investigate the seismic performance of joints between panels in precast concrete shear walls. This study is a component of a larger PRESSS research project at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln which seeks to study the behavior of a six-story precast concrete office building exposed to moderate seismic risk (Tadros et al., 1993; Tadros et. al 1994). Although the focus of the larger study is on structural systems for regions of moderate seismicity, precast shear wall connections for a wider range of seismic applications are targeted here.