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Chaotic Behavior of Coastal Currents Due to Random Wind Forcing.

pdf icon Chaotic Behavior of Coastal Currents Due to Random Wind Forcing. (382 K)
Simiu, E.


Oceanic Engineering Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. by the Societe des Electriciens et Electroniciens de France, and by la Communaute Urbaine de Brest. OCEANS 94. Oceans Engineering for Today's Technology and Tomorrow' Preservation. Proceedings. Volume 3. 1994, III/11-16 pp, 1994.


chaotic behavior; wind velocity; coastal currents; wind forcing; analytical models; equations; melnikov approach; topography


Recent analyses revealed that chaotic behavior is possible in a model of currents induced by wind over topography that slopes offshore and varies approximately periodically alongshore. These analyses were based on the assumption that the forcing by wind is harmonic. We examine the more realistic case where the wind field, and therefore the wind forcing, is random. Given a wind field with specified spectral density, and any specified parameters of the bottom topography, we use a generalized Melnikov transform technique to estimate upper bounds for probabilities that chaotic excursions will occur during a specified time interval.