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Strength of Partially-Grouted Masonry Shear Walls Under Lateral Loads.

pdf icon Strength of Partially-Grouted Masonry Shear Walls Under Lateral Loads. (3693 K)
Fattal, S. G.

NISTIR 5147; 67 p. June 1993.

Available from:

National Technical Information Service
Order number: PB93-206225


building technology; masonry walls; predicted strength; reinforced walls; shear strength; shear walls; measured strength


A proposed equation for estimating the strength of partially-grouted masonry shear walls failing in the shear mode is used to compare predicted strengths with the test results of 72 specimens from three experimental programs. The comparison shows that the predictions become less consistent with decreasing specimen strength and amount of reinforcement. Overall, predictions were within 20% of the test results for 50% of the specimens. For unreinforced walls and walls which had no vertical reinforcement, the predicted strength was less than half the test strength. It is shown that by altering the parametric functions in the predictive equation to represent more closely post-cracking resistance mechanisms in shear walls, the correlation of prediction with measured strength can be improved significantly.