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Rating of Mixed Split Residential Air Conditioners.

pdf icon Rating of Mixed Split Residential Air Conditioners. (5029 K)
Domanski, P. A.

Improving Building Energy Efficiency in Hot and Humid Climates, 5th Annual Symposium. Proceedings. September 13, 1988, Houston, TX, 1988.


air conditioning; methodology; performance evaluation; algorithms; evaporators; expansio; equation; valves; verification


A methodology is presented for rating the performance of mixed, split residential air conditioners. The method accounts for the impact on system performance of the indoor evaporator, expansion device and fan; three major components that are likely to be substituted for the matched components in a mixed system. The method allows calculation of capacity at 95DG F rating point and seasonal energy efficiency ratio, SEER, without performing laboratory test of the complete system. Limitations of the procedure, present work, and anticipated improvements are also discussed.