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Exergy Analysis of Heat Pumps.

pdf icon Exergy Analysis of Heat Pumps. (1722 K)
Tsaros, T. L.; Gaggioli, R. A.; Domanski, P. A.


ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Transactions, Vol. 93, No. Part 2, 1781-1797, 1987.


heat pumps; computer programs; equations; computer models; heat transfer; refirgerants; valves


The HPSIM computer program for modeling heat pumps (Domanski and Didion 1983) has been augmented to include exergy analysis. Exergy transports between the components, to the loads, and to the environment are evaluated. The exergy consumptions in each component are also presented for the operation of a nominal 3.5 ton residential air-to-air heat pump, in both the cooling and heating modes, at four loads. Among the conclusions drawn for this particular heat pump, it is predicted that overall economy would be improved by increasing the heat transfer surface of the indoor coil, say at the expense of outdoor coil surface.