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Measurement of Internal Strain in Cast-Concrete Structures.

pdf icon Measurement of Internal Strain in Cast-Concrete Structures. (1692 K)
Stone, W. C.

Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 23, No. 4, 361-369, December 1983.


structures; concretes; strain profiles; fabrication; performance evaluation


A practical method for experimentally measuring strain profiles inside cast-concreie structures is presented. The technique employs micro-embedment strain gages which are oriented along paths of interest inside the structural element prior to casDTting. Tests of numerous post-tensioned concrete-box-girder anchorage elements, and of large-scale pullout test specimens instrumented with micro-embedment gages have shown good agreement between the measured strains and those predicted by means of detailed finite-element analyses within the linear-elastic region of the material.