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Experimental Evaluation of Engine-Driven Heat Pump Systems.

pdf icon Experimental Evaluation of Engine-Driven Heat Pump Systems. (6099 K)
Maxwell, B. R.; Didion, D. A.

Winter Annual Meeting, 1978. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). December 11-15, 1978, San Francisco, CA, 1978.


heat pumps; experiments; evaluation; temperature; engine coolant; exhaust energy; heating; cooling; tests; instruments; diesel engines; equations; climate


A laboratory investigation was conducted of an engine-driven air-to-air, variable speed, 3-ton Rankine heat pump. A water-cooled Stirling engine was used tin one series of tests and a water-cooled Diesel engine of comparable size was used in another series. The stead-state part-load performance of both engine-driven systems was determined as a function of outdoor temperature and compressor speed. Engine coolant energy and recoverable exhaust energy were determined and included in the heating mode calculations. Heating and cooling capacities; system coefficients of performance, and seasonal performance factors were determined for both systems. Additional tests were concerned with defrost mode energy requirements and the influence of coolant temperature on system performance.