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Model Performance Standard for Guardrails. Final Report.

pdf icon Model Performance Standard for Guardrails. Final Report. (1522 K)
Fattal, S. G.; Cattaneo, L. E.; Turner, G. E.; Robinson, S. N.

NBSIR 76-1131; 30 p. July 1976.


Department of Labor, Washington, DC

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National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA 22161.
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Order number: PB-259242/6


performance standards; accident prevention; safety devices; models; design; construction; evaluation; safety; hazards; industrial accidents; recommendations


A model performance standard and design illustrations are presented for the design, construction and evaluation of guardrail systems, which will be used for the protection of employees against occupational hazards. The standard stipulates both structural and non-structural safety requirements. Each criterion includes a commentary section describing the rationale used in its formulation. This rationale is for the most part, based on independent experimental and analytical research investigations conducted at NBS in behalf of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).