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Methods of Estimating Loads in Plumbing Systems.

pdf icon Methods of Estimating Loads in Plumbing Systems. (13863 K)
Hunter, R. B.

BMS 65; 23 p. December 16, 1940.


plumbing; valves


This report describes a method of estimating the demand and sewage loads for which provision should be made in designing plumbing systems in order that the service may be satisfactory. The characteristics of flow through a plumbing system and of the operation of supply valves and plumbing fixtures are described, and their influence on the method of estimating the load to be expected is discussed. The relative load-producing values of different kinds of commonly used plumbing fixtures are analyzed, and a table is developed giving relative load weights in terms of a load factor called the "fixture unit." An estimate curve developed by means of the probability function is given, and its use in conjunction with the table of fixture units is illustrated.