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Connecting Buildings to Public Safety Networks.

pdf icon Connecting Buildings to Public Safety Networks. (477 K)
Vinh, A.

PubID: 901029;

International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation (IMETI 2009). Proceedings. Volume 3. July 10-July 13, 2009, Orlando, FL, 199-203 pp, 2009.


commercial buildings; communication networks; warning systems; informaiton dissemination; first responders; sensors; public awareness; safety


The operation of modem commercial buildings uses digital control systems which monitor a vast amount of sensors. These sensors in turn produce data that is available for building control but also can be mission-critical for effective emergency response. First responders can be notified of designated building alerts in real-time so that actions can be performed promptly. The capability to monitor building devices and to keep the first responder community updated with the latest building information during emergency situations, as well as the ability to remotely control certain building devices and processes, can be realized. This paper presents a framework for standards-based communication of real-time building alerts, via public safety networks, to 9-1-1 dispatch and into the hands of emergency responders. This research will assist in the development and deployment of commercial products with new levels of capability for situational awareness to help save lives and properties in emergency situations.