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Boiling With Refrigerants and Nanolubricants.

pdf icon Boiling With Refrigerants and Nanolubricants. (1617 K)
Kedzierski, M. A.

Seminar 51 (Advanced) Nanofluids for HVAC&R. Proceeding. 2008, 1-22 pp, 2008.


refrigerants; nanolubricants; heat transfer; boiling; air conditioning; chillers; nanofluids


Is it possible to improve refrigerant/lubricant boiling with nanoparticles? If so, what size of particles should be used? What's the particle material and in what concentration should they be applied to obtain the best improvement in performance? These are some of the questions that are currently driving the refrigerant boiling with nanolubricant research at NIST. The presentation will share what has been learned, including very recent results at NIST in this ongoing investigation.