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Fire Performance of Structures. Report of Task Committee I.

pdf icon Fire Performance of Structures. Report of Task Committee I. (510 K)
Lew, H. S.; Cauffman, S. A.; Kohno, M.; Naruse, T.

Technical Memorandum of PWRI 4075; Report of Task Committee I;

Wind and Seismic Effects. U.S./Japan Natural Resources Development Program (UJNR). Joint Meeting, 39th. Technical Memorandum of PWRI 4075. Proceedings. May 14-16, 2007, Tsukuba, Japan, 469-470 pp, 2007.


wind effects; seismic design; structures; technology utilization; structural systems; disasters; investigations


The objectives of work include: (1) Increase the availability of technology for evaluating the methods of fire/structural interaction that will be used to improve the performance of structures under fire loads. (2) Promote post disaster investigations of fires following natural and technological disasters that enhance the Panel's core competencies in structural fire technologies. (3) Encourage the development and sharing of research findings among the world's researchers and practitioners on the behavior of structural systems to fires.