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Fire Resistance Proficiency Testing of Gypsum/Steel-Stud Wall Assemblies.

pdf icon Fire Resistance Proficiency Testing of Gypsum/Steel-Stud Wall Assemblies. (282 K)
Grosshandler, W. L.

Technical Memorandum of PWRI 4075;

Wind and Seismic Effects. U.S./Japan Natural Resources Development Program (UJNR). Joint Meeting, 39th. Technical Memorandum of PWRI 4075. Proceedings. May 14-16, 2007, Tsukuba, Japan, 334-344 pp, 2007.


wind effects; seismic design; gypsum; steels; fire tests; fire resistance; walls; instruments; temperature; furnances; wall temperature; fire resistance rating; test methods; building construction; test facilities


This paper summarizes the results of a proficiency test program conducted in 2006 by the North American Fire Testing Laboratories (NAFTL) consortium. Gypsum/steel-stud wall assemblies, nominally rated at 1-h, were tested by six different organizations employing nine different furnace facilities following the guidance provided in ASTM E119-00. The program was completed successfully and forms the basis for future proficiency programs aimed at testing additional structural materials, elements, and systems subjected to fire test standards referenced in building codes.