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Information Model for Building Automation Systems.

pdf icon Information Model for Building Automation Systems. (423 K)
Schein, J.

Automation in Construction, Vol. 16, No. 2, 125-139, March 2007.


General Services Administration, San Francisco, CA


building automation; direct digital control; energy management system; information model; methodology


An information model of a building automation system (BAS) was created. It encapsulates several views of the system: the device list, network topology, points list, and sequences of operation. The model allows a single persistent representation of a BAS to be maintained from system specification through design to operation and maintenance. It will also allow other applications such as energy simulations, maintenance management systems, and building commissioning applications to extract information about the BAS. The model is not intended to represent control application programs; however, it would be possible to develop a software tool to parse the information model, then create the required configuration database and control application programs as output. The model was tested by creating an experimental implementation based on a BAS installed in a medium-sized office building.