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BACnetRG at Georgia Tech.

pdf icon BACnetRG at Georgia Tech. (650 K)
Alexander, D. P.; Ejimofor, C.; Holmberg, D. G.

BACnetRG Today (A Supplement to ASHRAE Journal), Vol. 49, No. 11, B18-B23, November 2007.


heating; ventilation; air conditioning; power supplies; temperature; cooling; costs; energy sources


Large facility owners generally negotiate yearly or multiyear electric service agreements and often are given lower base rates in exchange for sharing the risk of price fluctuations. This agreement may take the form of a capped rate, or may go as far as a real-time market rate where the facility owner sees every price spike in the electric market. Price spikes due to normal summer heat, as well as unforeseen events such as power plant emergency shutdowns, occasionally can reach five times the base utility rate, or higher. The challenge for the facility owner is how to reduce power consumption during periods of peak pricing, while maintaining mission critical building loads.