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Building Information for Emergency Responders.

pdf icon Building Information for Emergency Responders. (2602 K)
Treado, S. J.; Vinh, A.; Holmberg, D. G.; Galler, M.

Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, 11th World Multi-Conference (WMSCI 2007). Proceedings. Volume 3. Jointly with the Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis: ISAS 2007, 13th International Conference. July 8-11, 2007, Orlando, FL, Callaos, N.; Lesso, W.; Zinn, C. D.; Yang, H., Editor(s)(s), 1-6 pp, 2007.


emergency responders; first responders; building information; methodology; fire safety; building management; occupants; emergencies; communication networks


This paper describes a methodology for controlling access to building information to approved external entities such as police, fire and public safety officials. Building automation systems frequently monitor critical building information, including the status of alarms, locations of occupants, thermal . and air quality conditions that could be extremely useful to emergency responders and incident commanders in the event of a building emergency. Therefore, it is desirable to provide a mechanism to enable public safety officials to access this building information, while at the same time preventing unauthorized access and use of the information. The methodology developed to provide this functionality includes a building information services and control system (BISACS) server, and standardized data modeling of the building automation system (BAS) using enhancements to the BACnet protocol. The description includes the requirements for the underlying information models, components, interfaces and functionality to provide secure remote access to building information to authorized users.