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Electronic Data Exchange in the Pump Industry.

pdf icon Electronic Data Exchange in the Pump Industry. (1739 K)
Burkhardt, K. R.; Dahl, T.; Palmer, M. E.

Pump Users Symposium, 23rd International. Proceedings. March 5-8, 2007, Houston, TX, 55-66 pp, 2007.


pumps; industries; information dissemination; information storage


In the pump industry, technical information is shared throughout the supply chain --among the purchasers, suppliers, engineering contractors, procurement, operations and maintenance-- playing a crucial role in the life cycle of pumping equipment and pumping systems. Using, storing, and managing this technical information contributes to the overall design, procurement, and maintenance costs of the equipment. Electronic data exchange (EDE) is the process of sending and receiving technical and commercial information using digital file transfer methodologies. This information is often created, reviewed, used, and updated with numerous software applications by the stakeholders over the life cycle of the pump and the pumping system. Electronic data exchange is advantageous over conventional paper-based or manual methods because the data are reliably transferred between purchasers and suppliers without time consuming and error prone manual transcription of data. This tutorial examines the overall purpose of electronic data exchange and the work of industry groups toward promoting a common standard tor the digital exchange of technical data. Background on pump data sheets, XML as the underlying data exchange technology, and a case study are presented. This tutorial will provide attendees an understanding of the benefits and technology used in electronic data exchange and insights into the EDE pump standards. Attendees will also be given guidelines and strategies tor implementing these practices in their own organization.