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Study of In-Tube Evaporation Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide.

pdf icon Study of In-Tube Evaporation Heat Transfer of Carbon Dioxide. (424 K)
Sawant, N. N.; Kim, M. S.; Payne, W. V.; Domanski, P. A.; Hwang, Y. W.


Refrigeration International Congress, 21st IIR. (IRC2003). Technical Session B1-8: A New Old Refrigerant: Carbon Dioxide - Heat Transfer. Proceedings. August 17-22, 2003, Washington, DC, 2004.


carbon monoxide; heat transfer; evaporation; uncertainty; refrigerants


The evaporative heat transfer characteristics of carbon dioxide in an 8.0 mm ID smooth stainless steel tube were measured. Data were collected in a concentric tube heat exchanger heated by water in the annulus with carbon dioxide in the central tube. Data have been collected over a range of temperature (5oC to 25oC), mass flux (250 kg/m2s to 1000 kg/m2s) and heat flux (3 kW/m2 to 15 kW/m2). A Wilson Plot technique was used to correlate the in-tube local heat transfer coefficient of carbon dioxide. Results have been interpreted by relating the heat transfer coefficient to quality at various evaporation temperatures and various mass fluxes.