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Virtual Permeametry on Microtomographic Images.

pdf icon Virtual Permeametry on Microtomographic Images. (1242 K)
Arns, C. H.; Knackstedt, M. A.; Pinczewski, W. V.; Martys, N. S.

Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Vol. 45, No. 1/2, 41-46, 2004.


porous media; permeability; methodology


We show that accurate numerical micropemleametry measurements can be perfomled on three-dimensional (3D) digitized images of sedimentary rock. The sample size can be very small, making it possible to predict properties from core material not suited for laboratory testing (e.g., drill cuttings, sidewall core and damaged core plugs). Simulation of fluid pemleability on microtomographic images of Fontainebleau sandstone on sample sizes of less than 1 mm3 are in good agreement with experimental measurements over a wide range of porosities.