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Shape Analysis of a Reference Cement.

pdf icon Shape Analysis of a Reference Cement. (1606 K)
Garboczi, E. J.; Bullard, J. W.

Cement and Concrete Research, Vol. 34, No. 10, 1933-1937, October 2004.


cements; aggregates


Recently, techniques for acquiring, analyzing, and using 3-D shape infonnation for aggregates (sand, gravel) have been developed and demonstrated. These mathematical techniques, based on spherical hannonic coefficient analysis, have been applied to X-ray computed tomography images. X-ray microtomographic images of cement particles are required to be able to apply these same mathematical techniques to analyze Portland cement particle shape. Such images are available in the Visible Cement Database for a single reference cement. Actual cement images, as well as some quantitative results on the nonsphericity of the particles, are given here. Three-dimensional cement particle shapes have never been available before. A demonstration of how real cement particle shapes will change the CEMHYD3D cement hydration model is also given.