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Secure Integration of Building Networks Into the Global Internet.

pdf icon Secure Integration of Building Networks Into the Global Internet. (2444 K)
Zachary, J.; Brooks, R.; Thompson, D.

NIST GCR 02-837; 41 p. October 2002.


National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

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information dissemination; information science; standards


Building automation and control systems (BACSs) have become increasingly innovative since their introduction of the open ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-1995 BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks standard. The integration of BACSs with enterprise information technology and networking infrastructure will facilitate new customer services that increase efficiency and decrease costs. The ASHRAE Research Project 1011-1999 Utility/Energy Management and Control System (EMCS) Communication Protocol Requirement describes nine operational information services currently considered by various working groups: (1) revenue meter reading (electricity, gas, water, heating, and cooling energy); (2) quality of service monitoring; (3) real-time pricing transmission; (4) load management services; (5) on-site generation supervisory control; (6) energy efficiency monitoring; (7) weather reporting and forecasting services; (8) indoor air quality monitoring; and (9) dynamic demand bidding into a power exchange. Each service generates and exchanges information with varying effective lifetimes, bandwidth, and security requirements. This research project sponsored by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) and performed at the Pennsylvania State University focused on the security aspects of these proposed operational services. We focused on two specific aspects of the BACnet standard, namely BACnet Broadcast Management Devices (BBMDs) and the Network Security clause (Clause 24) of the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-1999.