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Transient Analysis of VOC Concentrations for Estimating Emission Rates.

pdf icon Transient Analysis of VOC Concentrations for Estimating Emission Rates. (302 K)
Persily, A. K.; Howard-Reed, C.; Nabinger, S. J.

Indoor Air 2002, 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate. Proceedings. Volume 2. June 30-July 5, 2002, Monterey, CA, 189-194 pp, 2002.

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emission rates; field tests; measurement; volatile organic compounds


While VOC emissions rates have been obtained for building materials and furnishings in chambers, field measurements are more difficult due to the existence of multiple and time-varying sources, variations in ventilation rates, impacts of adsorption and desorption, and other complexities associated with field testing. Procedures to estimate emission rates and sink parameters using transient analysis of VOC concentrations are applied in a two-story classroom/office building. The analysis is based on semi-realtime VOC concentrations determined with a portable GC/FID and simultaneous air change rate measurements using tracer gas decay. The results of the analysis yield consistent values of emission rates for building materials, but less consistent estimates of emission rates associated with occupant activities and of sink model parameters. The approach can be used in other buildings, and the results indicate that simultaneous air change rate measurements are critical to estimating VOC emission rates in the field.