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Smart and Designer Structural Material Systems.

pdf icon Smart and Designer Structural Material Systems. (3389 K)
Chong, K. P.; Garboczi, E. J.

Progress in Structural Engineering and Materials, Vol. 4, No. 4, 417-430, October 2002.


smart structures; designer materials; simulation; structural control; solid mechanics; smart materials; composite materials; computational materials science; concretes


An efficient civil infrastructure system is essential to every country's productivity and quality of life. Basic research and development in smart structures and designer materials has shown great potential for enhancing the functionality, serviceability, and increased life span of civil infrastructure systems. New construction and the intelligent renewal of aging and deteriorating civil infrastructure systems include efficient and innovative use of high performance designer materials, sensors, actuators, and mechanical and structural systems. High performance designer materials, in particular, require new methods of computational materials science, some of which are described herein. In this paper, some examples of National Science Foundation (NSF) funded awards, some examples of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) "designer material" projects, and future research needs, as well as a new initiative on nano-technology, are presented.