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High-Strength Concrete at High Temperature: An Overview.

pdf icon High-Strength Concrete at High Temperature: An Overview. (911 K)
Phan, L. T.

Utilization of High Strength/High Performance Concrete, 6th International Symposium. Proceedings. Volume 1. June 2002, Leipzig, Germany, Konig, G.; Dehn, F.; Faust, T., Editor(s)(s), 501-518 pp, 2002.


concretes; compressive strength; experiments; elastic modulus; explosive spalling; spalling; temperature; high-strength concrete


This paper presents results of NIST's experimental program on the effects of elevated temperature exposure on the mechanical properties and potential for explosive spalling of high strength concrete (HSC). Mechanical properties of HSC were measured by heating 100 x 200 mm cylinders at 5 C/min to temperatures of up to 600 C, and heat-induced pore pressure buildup was measured by heating 100 x 200 x 200 mm blocks to the same temperature level at the same heating rate. The results of NIST mechanical property measurement are compared with results obtained in other studies as well as with existing code provisions to evaluate their applicability to HSC. The paper also presents results of measurement that indicate the efficacy of polypropylene fibers for mitigation of explosive spalling.