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International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, 19th (ISARC). Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland. September 23-25, 2002.

pdf icon International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, 19th (ISARC). Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland. September 23-25, 2002. (1999 K)
Stone, W. C.

NIST SP 989; 557 p. September 2002.

International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction, 19th (ISARC). Proceedings. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland. September 23-25, 2002, 2002.

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robotics; advanced sensing; automation; construction process simulation; construction process integration; control systems; 4D construction simulation; GPS


This publication is the Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC). The symposium was held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland during 23-25 September 2002. The Proceedings include the technical program, list of Board of Directors, Message from the Organizers, and the 97 technical papers from 19 countries authored for this international meeting. The manuscripts were presented as nine Sessions: Construction Information Management Systems; Construction Process Modeling and Simulation; Design Practices to Facilitate Construction Automation; Design and Development of Construction Robotics; Economic Assessment of Automation and Robotics Technologies; Field Sensor Data and Construction Process Integration Protocols; Automated Inspection and Maintenance Management Systems; Control Systems for Construction Equipment; Advanced Sensing and Imaging Technologies.

Selected Papers

Collaborative Fire Protection Engineering Based on Software Agents.
Rueppel, U. Strategies for Realizing the Benefits of 3D Integrated Modeling of Buildings for the AEC Industry.
Eastman, C.; Sacks, R.; Lee, G. Role of the CIMsteel Integration Standards in Automating the Erection and Surveying of Constructional Steelwork .
Reed, K. A. Beyond WEBCAM: A Site-Web-Site for Building Construction.
Nuntasunti, S.; Bernold, L. E. Developing a Construction Integrated Management System.
Shiau, Y. C.; Wang, M. T.; Tsai, T. P.; Wang, W. C. Use Questionnaire and AHP Techniques to Develop Subcontractor Selection System.
Shiau, Y. C.; Tsai, T. P.; Wang, W. C.; Huang, M. L. Development of Electronic Acquisition Model for Project Scheduling (e-AMPS) Using Java-XML.
Lin, W. Y. Automated Selecting Subcontractor Model in E-Commerce.
Lin, P. H. Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction.
Lipman, R. R. Digital Archival of Construction Project Information.
Latimer, D. T.; Hendrickson, C. E-Work: The Next Iteration in Constructioin Materials Management Systems.
Castro-Lacouture, D.; Skibniewski, M. J. Capitalizing on Early Project Opportunities to Improve Facility Life-Cycle Performance.
Kam, C.; Fischer, M.; Hanninen, R.; Lehto, S.; Laitinen, J. Dynamic Change Management for Fast-Tracking Construction Projects.
Park, M. AUTMOD3: A Planning Tool for Modular Building System.
Padron, V. M.; Cardenas, O.; Diez, R.; Abderrahim, M.; Balaguer, C. Simulation-Facilitated Factor-Based Approach for Cost Correlation Evaluation.
Wang, W. C. Criteria of Taking Decisions at Technical Operation of Building Machinery in Conditions of the Construction Plant.
Bulgakow, A.; Drownikow, A.; Perschin, V. Database Synchronization Technology for Multi-Project Schedule Coordination.
Choo, H. J.; Tommelein, I. D. Project Performance vs Use of Technologies at the Work Function Level.
O'Connor, J. T.; Yang, L. R. Development of an Information Model to Enhance Integration and Coordination in the Construction Projects.
Caballero, A. A.; Ahmed, S. M.; Azhar, S.; Barcala, M. Development of an Integrated Cost Estimation and Cost Control System for Construction Projects.
Azhar, S.; Ahmed, S. M.; Caballero, A. A. Automated DSS for Lighting Design of Nightime Operations in Highway Construction Projects.
El-Rayes, K.; Hyari, K. De Bolder: An Unusual Example of Off-Site Construction.
Maas, G.; vanEekelen, B. Automated Data Acquisition and Planning of Highway Construction.
Hassanein, A.; Moselhi, O. Asphalt Quality Parameters Tracability Using Electronic Tags and GPS.
Peyret, F.; Tasky, R. Monitoring Construction Equipment for Automated Project Performance Control.
Sacks, R.; Navon, R.; Shapira, A.; Brodetsky, I. Experiences With the Design and Production of an Industrial, Flexible And Demountable (IFD) Building System.
vanGassel, F. FutureHome: A Prototype for Factory Housing.
Wing, R.; Atkin, B. Automation in Building Design With Spatial Information.
Nguyen, T. H.; Oloufa, A. A. Genetic Algorithms for Accessing Engineering Performance.
Chang, L. M.; Zhang, L. Mixed Reality Benefits for Design Perception.
Dunston, P. S.; Wang, X.; Billinghurst, M.; Hampson, B. Automation Consideration During Project Design.
Hewitt, M. M.; Gambatese, J. A. Tool to Improve Efficiency in Large Scale Manufacturing.
Bostelman, R.; Shackleford, W.; Proctor, F.; Albus, J.; Lytle, A. M. Remote Control of Machines for Removal of Damages Being Result of Disasters, Wars, and Terrorist Attacks.
Bartnicki, A.; Kuczmarski, F.; Przychodzien, T.; Typiak, A.; Wrona, J. Advancements in Tele-Robotic Pipelaying.
Bernold, L. E.; Li, B. Motion Planning Taking Into Account the Dynamic Model of
Lemaire, C. E.; Vandanjon, P. O.; Gautier, M.; Peyret, F. Facade Cleaning Robot for the Skyscraper.
Bock, T.; Bulgakow, A.; Ashida, S. Development and Application of Automated Delivery System for Finishing Building Materials.
Atsuhiro, D.; Koji, H.; Tomoya, K.; Takashi, S. Unmanned Construction System: Present Status and Challenges.
Ban, Y. Report of the NIST Workshop on Automated Steel Construction.
Lytle, A. M.; Saidi, K. S.; Stone, W. C.; Gross, J. L. Error Modeling for Automated Construction Equipment.
Cho, Y. K.; Haas, C. T.; Sreenivasan, S. V.; Liapi, K. A. Development of a Robotic Structural Steel Placement System.
Lytle, A. M.; Saidi, K. S.; Stone, W. C. Robots for Spacing of Wood.
Bock, T.; Parshin, D.; Souetina, T.; Boulgakov, A. Economic Assessment of Selected Integration and Automation Technologies.
Chapman, R. E. Micro Level Analysis of the Relationship Between Changes in Equipment Technology and Wages in the U.S. Construction Industry.
Goodrum, P. M.; Gangwar, M. Generating and Maintaining Activity-Based Cost Estimates With Feature-Based Product Models.
Staub-French, S.; Fischer, M. Construction Zone Generation Mechanisms and Applications.
Akbas, R.; Fischer, M. Assembly + Disassembly of Interior Wall.
Hanser, A. Standardization of Data Flows on Earthworks and Road Pavement Sites Using Information Systems.
Peyret, F. Parts and Packets Unification for Construction Automation and Robots.
Umetani, T.; Arai, T.; Mae, Y.; Inoue, K.; Maeda, J. UML-XML-RDB Model Mapping Solution for Facilitating Information Standardization and Sharing in Construction Industry.
Wu, I. C.; Hsieh, S. H. Using Customized Navigational Models to Deliver More Efficient Interaction With Mobile Computing Devices on Construction Sites.
Reinhardt, J.; Akinci, B.; Garrett, J. H., Jr. Performance of Artificial Intelligence Approach on Bridge Coating Assessment.
Chen, P. O.; Chang, L. M. Application of a 3D Scanner in the Representation of Building Construction Site.
Shih, N. J. Data Interpretation From Leuze Rotoscan Sensor for Robot Localisation and Environment Mapping.
Seward, D. W.; Quayle, S. D.; Zied, K.; Pace, C. Experiences With Point Cloud Registration.
Witzgall, C.; Cheok, G. S. Human-Assisted Object Fitting to Sparse Range Point Clouds for Rapid Workspace Modeling in Construction Automation.
Kwon, S. W.; Liapi, K. A.; Haas, C. T.; Sreenivasan, S. V.; McLaughlin, J. T. Reconstructing Images of Bar Codes for Construction Site Object Recognition.
Gilsinn, D. E.; Cheok, G. S.; O'Leary, D. P. Artificial Intelligence Based Quality Control of Aggregate Production.
Kim, H.; Haas, C. T.; Rauch, A. F. MEMS Transducer for Ultrasonic Flaw Detection.
Jain, A.; Greve, D. W.; Oppenheim, I. J. Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification on Precast
Akinci, B.; Patton, M.; Ergen, E. MEMS Application in Pavement Condition Monitoring: Challenges.
Attoh-Okine, N. O.; Menash, S. Towards the Ultimate Construction Site Sensor.
Stone, W. C.; Juberts, M. Cost-Effective Positioning Solution for Asphalt Rollers Based on Low-Cost DGPS Receivers.
Jurasz, J.; Kley, K. L. On-Board Data Management Structure for Advanced Construction Machine Support.
Jurasz, J.; Ligier, A.; Horn, A.; Wendebaum, J. Offline Path Planning of Cooperative Manipulators Using Co-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm.
Ajmal Deen Ali, M. S.; Babu, N.; Varghese, K. Model for Automated Road-Construction Control.
Navon, R.; Shpatnitsky, Y.; Goldschmidt, E. Force Sensor by Driving Hydraulic Cylinders: Identification of Inertial Parameters and Tests.
Malaguti, F.; Zaghi, S. Intelligent Driving Control System: Automated Driving Management and Control System Using Optimum Control Theory.
Awata, T.; Yoshida, K.; Hino, H. Automatic Steering System for Rotary Snow Removers.
Hirashita, H.; Arai, T.; Yoshida, T. Adaptive Control of a Construction Manipulator.
Gradetsky, V.; Rachkov, M.; Pushkin, M. Just-In-Time Continuous Flight Auger Piles Using an Instrumented Auger.
Mure, N.; Scott, J. N.; Seward, D. W.; Quayle, S. D.; Clayton, C. R. I.; Rust, M. GPS-Based Wireless Collision Detection of Construction Equipment.
Oloufa, A. A.; Ikeda, M.; Oda, H. Prototype Implementation of an Automated Structural Steel Tracking System.
Furlani, K. M.; Latimer, D. T.; Gilsinn, D. E.; Lytle, A. M. Efficiency of a 3-D Blade Control System in the
Heikkila, R.; Jaakkola, M. Optimal Control of an Excavator Bucket Positioning.
Budny, E.; Chlosta, M.; Gutkowski, W. Automated Construction Using Contour Crafting: Applications on Earth and Beyond.
Khoshnevis, B.; Bekey, G. Rapid Human-Assisted Creation of Bounding Models for Obstacle Avoidance in Construction.
McLaughlin, J. T.; Haas, C. T.; Kuaoum, J.; Sreenivasan, S. V.; Kwon, S. Computer Technologies in Construction Robots Control.
Bock, T.; Parshin, D.; Neudorf, R.; Bulgakow, A. Equipment Operator Training in the Age of Internet2.
Bernold, L. E.; Lloyd, J.; Vouk, M. Terrain Aided Localization of Autonomous Vehicles.
Madhavan, R. Monitoring of the Boring Trajectory in Underground Channel.
Bock, T.; Bulgakow, A.; Krapivin, D.; Aleksyuk, S.; Pritchin, S. Multi-Sensory Approach to 3-D Mapping of Underground Utilities.
Bernold, L. E.; Venkatesan, L.; Suvarna, S. Automated Inspection of Utility Pipes: A Solution Strategy for Data Management.
Shehab-Eldeen, T.; Moselhi, O. Concept of the Robotoid Manager With AR.
Bock, T.; Ashida, S. Representation and Integration of As-Build Information to IFC Based Product and Process Models for Automated Assessment of As-Built Conditons.
Alkinci, B.; Boukamp, F. Case Study: Using the Wearable Computer in the Construction Industry.
Fuller, S.; Ding, Z.; Sattineni, A. Value of Handheld Computers in Construction.
Saidi, K. S.; Haas, C. T.; Balli, N. A. Situation-Aware Interface Design: An Interaction Constraints Model for Finding the Right Interaction for Mobile and Wearable Computer Systems.
Burgy, C. S.; Garrett, J. H., Jr.