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Acoustophoretic Characterization of Cement Suspensions.

pdf icon Acoustophoretic Characterization of Cement Suspensions. (2477 K)
Flatt, R. J.; Ferraris, C. F.

Materials and Structures, Vol. 35, 541-549, November 2002.


cements; cement paste; acoustophoresis; zeta potential


Acoustophoretic has been used to study the evolution of the surface potential of hydrating cement suspensions because it is potentially capable of measuring zeta potentials of cement suspensions at concentrations high enough not to modify ion/particle interactions, which is not the case for most other methods. Measurements were performed using cement with and without addition of high-range water reducing admixture (HRWRA). In this paper it will be shown that quantitative determination of the potential is rendered difficult by the large size of cement particles as well as by ongoining hydration reactions. Other benefits of the technique will be discussed.