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Strength of an Interlocking FRP Connection.

pdf icon Strength of an Interlocking FRP Connection. (1518 K)
Duthinh, D.; Bajpai, K.

NISTIR 6829; 33 p. November 2001.

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adhesives; bending; building technology; composite materials; connections; fiber-reinforced polymers; interlocking; joints; shear strength


The strength of an interlocking fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) connection was measured in bending, and in-plane and out-of-plane shear. This connection allows the rapid assembly of FRP panels into houses, and can be used in interlocking mode only, or interlocking and adhesively bonded mode. An additional mode was tested, where the connection was adhesively bonded only, without an interlocking toggle. The complete characterization of the behavior of the connection allows rational prediction of the performance of a building assembled with such panels.