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AutoBid: System for Police Patrol Selection.

pdf icon AutoBid: System for Police Patrol Selection. (107 K)
Weber, S. F.; Rushing, A. S.

Computer Program; November 2001.

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police; patrol vehicle; vehicle performance; vehicle testing


AutoBid is designed to help police fleet administrators select the patrol vehicle that is best suited to the needs of their department. The system is based on vehicle performance test data for police patrol package models published annually by the Michigan State Police. AutoBid helps fleet managers select the best patrol vehicle based on vehicle test scores. It identifies which vehicle has the highest overall test performance and ranks the vehicles according to their relative performance. The overall performance score of a vehicle is based on each test score weighted by the importance weight for each test category assigned by the user. The overall performance score is particularly helpful when an evaluation is needed before a request for bids has been prepared. The performance analysis can be used to determine which models warrant a request for bids. Future versions of AutoBid will include an additional method of vehicle selection using a combined score based on both vehicle cost and test scores. This method will identify which vehicle is the "Best Buy" in terms of the lowest cost for equivalent test performance and ranks the vehicles by the bid price adjusted for performance. AutoBid is available both as a Java application and a Java applet. The application runs on any operating systems provided the Java Runtime Environment is installed. The applet can be viewed via a Java-capable web browser.