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Measurements and Predictions of Light Scattering by Clear Coatings.

pdf icon Measurements and Predictions of Light Scattering by Clear Coatings. (1213 K)
McKnight, M. E.; Vorburger, T. V.; Marx, E.; Nadal, M. E.; Barnes, P. V.; Galler, M. A.

Applied Optics, Vol. 40, No. 13, 2159-2168, May 1, 2001.


light scattering; coatings; appearance; BRDF; modeling


Comparisons are made between calculated and measured angle-resolved light-scattering distributions from clear dielectric isotropic epoxy coatings over a range of rms roughness conditions, resulting in strongly specular scattering to diffuse scattering characteristics. Calculated distributions are derived from topography measurements performed with interferometric microscopes. Two methods of calculations are used. One determines the intensity of scattered light waves using a phase integral in the Kirchoff approximation. The other is based on the reflection of light rays by locally flat surfaces. The angle-resolved scattering distributions for the coatings are measured with the spectral trifunction automated reference reflectometer (STARR) developed by National Institute of Standards and Technology. Comparisons between measured and calculated results are shown for three surfaces with rms roughness values of approximately 3, 150 and 7800 nm for an angle of incidence of 20 deg.