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NIST Centennial Celebration - Crystallographic Highlights .

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Hubbard, C. R.; Peiser, S.; Siegrist, T.; Levenson, M.; DeTitta, G.; Enright, G.; Gabe, E.; Evans, H.; Finger, L.; Lide, D. R.; Reimann, C. W.; Gilliland, G. L.; Armstrong, J. T.; Piermarini, G. J.; Long, G. G.; Gallagher, T.; Vanderah, T. A.; Munro, R. G.; Block, S.; Roth, R. S.; Ondik, H.; McMurdie, H. F.; Cook, L. P.; Wong-Ng, W.; Mathew, M.; Barnes, J. D.; Chow, L. C.; Takagi, S.; Cahn, J. W.; Bendersky, L. A.; Prince, E.; Santoro, A.; Lynn, J. W.; Karen, V. L.; Mighell, A. D.; Stutzman, P. E.

American Crystallographic Association Newsletter, No. 4, 22-31, 2000.


centennial celebrations; crystallographic research; past, present and future; crystallography; biology; materials science


NIST has a long history of crystallographic research, and has made significant contributions to the advancement of the fields of crystallography, biology, and materials science. The articles are contributed by scientists from various divisions at NIST, and are designed to give a brief overview of the history of crystallography at NIST - past present and future. These articles cover a broad spectrum of topics including structural databases, high-pressure crystallography, neutron crystallography, structure determination via neutron and x-ray diffraction, quasicrystals, reduced cells, magnetic structure determinations, polymer crystallography, electron diffraction, materials properties databases, protein crystallography, novel biomaterials, biological minerals, crystallography of construction materials, and synchrotron radiation.