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Laser Scanning for Construction Metrology.

pdf icon Laser Scanning for Construction Metrology. (370 K)
Cheok, G. S.; Stone, W. C.; Lipman, R. R.; Witzgall, C.; Bernal, J.

Paper 082;

Robotics and Remote Systems, 9th International Topical Meeting. Proceedings. American Nuclear Society. Paper 082. March 4-8, 2001, Seattle, WA, 1-9 pp, 2001.


lasers; construction; metrology; 3-D models; construction automation; Delauney triangulation; laser imaging; terrain modeling


This paper summarizes work at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Non-Intrusive Scanning Technologies for Construction Assessment Project. It will briefly describe the initial proof-of-concept phase of this project, the extension of the procedures and methods developed in the initial phase for an indoor environment to an outdoor, uncontrolled environment - a construction site, and future work planned are discussed.