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NIST Multizone Modeling Website.

pdf icon NIST Multizone Modeling Website. (261 K)
Dols, W. S.

NISTIR 6728; 26 p. April 2001.

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airflow analysis; building technology; computer programs; contaminant dispersal; indoor air quality; multizone analysis; smoke control; ventilation; website


This report presents an overview of the NIST Multizone Modeling Website developed by the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Multizone modeling refers to the calculation of airflows, pressure differences and contaminant transport between zones and across the envelope of a building based on a simplified macro-representation of the building. This website was established to foster the development and facilitate the application of multizone ventilation and indoor environmental modeling in the areas of building design, operation, maintenance, investigation and research. The main component of this website is the multizone airflow and ventilation modeling software CONTAMW. Within this website you will find software tools for performing multizone analysis, including CONTAMW; CONTAMW data input libraries; information on the applications of multizone modeling; multizone modeling case studies; and references to multizone modeling publications.