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Tool for Modeling Airflow and Contaminant Transport.

pdf icon Tool for Modeling Airflow and Contaminant Transport. (970 K)
Dols, W. S.

ASHRAE Journal, Vol. 43, No. 3, 35-42, March 2001.


airflow analysis; computer programs; contaminant; contaminant dispersal; indoor air quality; multizone analysis; smoke management; ventilation; computational fluid dynamics


Multizone modeling refers to annalysis techniques that use a simplified, zonal representation of a building to study building airflows, pressure differences, and contaminant transport. Each zone is assumed to have uniform temperature, pressure, and contaminant concentrations. Zones typically represent individual rooms but can be entire levels depending on the building layout and the goals of the modeling. Zones are connected through flow paths represented mathematically by pressure-flow relationships. This article describes CONTAMW, a multizone modeling tool.