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Retrofit of Pre-Northridge Moment-Resisting Connections.

pdf icon Retrofit of Pre-Northridge Moment-Resisting Connections. (479 K)
Civjan, S. A.; Englehardt, M. D.; Gross, J. L.

Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 126, No. 4, 445-452, April 2000.


steels; seismic rehabilitation; steel moment connection; welded bottom haunch; steel moment connection retrofit


An experimental program was undertaken to evaluate methods to retrofit existing steel moment connections for improved seismic performance. Six full-scale subassemblages were tested under cyclic loading. Typical pre-Northridge connections were retrofit by the addition of either a bottom flange dogbone or a welded bottom flange haunch. Retrofitted specimens were tested both with and without a composite floor slab. The tests showed poor performance of the bottom flange dogbone retrofit when the existing low toughness welds were left in place. Somewhat improved performance was observed when the bottom flange dogbone was combined with replacement of beam flange groove welds with higher toughness welds. The welded bottom haunch retrofit showed excellent performance on specimens with a composite slab, even though the existing low toughness beam flange groove welds were left in place. The presence of the composite slab appeared to help prevent fracture of the existing top flange weld in the haunch retrofit. This paper provides a summary of the complete experimental program.