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Toward Next-Generation Construction Machines.

pdf icon Toward Next-Generation Construction Machines. (353 K)
Bostelman, R.; Albus, J.; Stone, W. C.

American Nuclear Society. Proceedings. March 4-8, 2001, Seattle, WA, 2001.


construction; cable-drive; machine-tool; next generation; RoboCrane; stereo lithography


Construction equipment is typically massive and operated manually with minimal use of sensors or computers for measurement or control. Research in the Intelligent Systems and Structures Divisions at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has explored innovative ways to use sensors, computers, and light-weight tensioned cable machines for heavy manufacturing and construction tasks such as lift and position of heavy loads and manipulation of tools and parts for assembly, fixturing, welding, cutting, grinding, machining, macro stereo-lithography, and surface finishing. Recent research has yielded novel concepts for movable scaffolding and worker positioning systems that enable workers to maneuver themselves, parts, and tools throughout a large work volume for tasks such as ship repair and aircraft paint removal.