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Ladars for Construction Assessment and Update.

pdf icon Ladars for Construction Assessment and Update. (1952 K)
Cheok, G. S.; Stone, W. C.; Lipman, R. R.; Witzgall, C.

Automation in Construction, Vol. 9, No. 5, 463-477, 2000.


construction; 3-D models; construction automation; cut-and-fill calculation; laser radar; laser imaging; metrology; terrain modeling


Work at the National Institute of Standards and Technology on laser radar imaging of a construction site is described. The objective of the research is to make measurements required in a construction project quicker and cheaper than current practice and to do so without impacting existing operations. This can be done by developing techniques for real-time assessment and documentation in terms of 3-D as-built models of the construction process. Once developed, this technology may be used for other applications such as condition assessment of a hazardous environment where human intervention would be impossible.