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Diffusivity-Porosity Relation for Cement Paste.

pdf icon Diffusivity-Porosity Relation for Cement Paste. (520 K)
Garboczi, E. J.; Bentz, D. P.

Materials Science of Concrete: Sulfate Attack Mechanisms, Special Volume. Proceedings. October 5-6, 1998, Quebec, Canada, American Ceramic Society, Westerville, OH, 259-264 pp, 1999.


cements; cement paste; diffusivity; microstructure; sulfate


The development of a ionic diffusivity-porosity relation for cement paste, soundly based on microstructure, along with future developments in this area, are discussed. The importance of such relations for sulfate attack and other mechanisms of deterioration in concrete, as well as for models of the chloride diffusivity of concrete, are outlined.