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Recent Progress in Nanoscale Indentation of Polymers Using the AFM.

pdf icon Recent Progress in Nanoscale Indentation of Polymers Using the AFM. (708 K)
VanLandingham, M. R.; Villarrubia, J. S.; Meyers, G. F.

SEM IX International Congress on Experimental Mechanics. Proceedings. Society for Experimental Mechanics. June 5-8, 2000, Orlando, FL, 912-915 pp, 2000.


polymers; microscopy; atomic force microscopy; blind reconstruction; depth-sensing indenter; nanoindentation


For reliable indentation measurements, knowledge of the shape of the indenter tip is required. For indentation measurements involving sub-micrometer scale contacts, accurate knowledge of the tip shape can be difficult to achieve. In this paper, a technique referred to as blind reconstruction is applied to the measurement of tip shapes of indenters used in conjunction with the atomic force microscope (AFM) to indent polymeric materials. This method offers the potential for material independent calibration of indenter tips with high spatial resolution. Initial results from blind reconstruction are compared to results of an indentation tip shape calibration method, in which a reference material of known modulus is indented using a range of applied loads. Discrepancies between the two sets of results are discussed in terms of experimental uncertainties.