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Concrete Materials Database.

pdf icon Concrete Materials Database. (14025 K)
Oland, C. B.; Ferraris, C. F.

Concrete International, Vol. 22, No. 12, 28-33, December 2000.


concretes; information technology; databases; material properties


ACI Committee 126 on Database Formats for Concrete Materials Properties was organized in 1990 to develop and report information on database formats for concrete and related materials. The committee is accomplishing this mission by preparing guides for use in developing concrete material property databases. An overview of a Guide to a Recommended Format for Concrete in a Materials Property Database is presented. The guide is intended for use in establishing the content of a comprehensive concrete materials property database. It contains recommended formats for organizing and subdividing concrete constituent data, processing information, and concrete properties and performance characteristics. The guide facilitates computerefficient storage and retrieval of information about concrete and to allow meaningful comparison of concrete properties from different sources. Due to recent advances in computer hardware and software technology, it may be possible in the near future for engineers to solve a wide range of complex problems using integrated computerized systems that can incorporate information about available concrete materials. The guide developed by ACI Committee 126 should help make this concept a reality, providing the concrete industry with valuable new information technology.