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3D CAD 3-D coordinate measurement systems 3-D models 3D models 3-D models


4D construction simulation


abandonment abeams ablation abrasion resistance absolute instability
absolute technique absorptance absorption absorption coefficient absorption coefficients
absorption absorptivity ABS plastics accelerants accelerated aging
acceleration acceleration response spectrum accelerograph acceptability acceptance criteria
acceptance tests accident investigations accident prevention accidents accreditation
accuracy assessment accuracy acetylene ACI 236A acids
acoustical nerve acoustic properties acoustic sensors acoustophoresis acquisition decisions
acrolein acrylic melamine acrylics activation time active control
acute toxicity Adamek profiles additives additive weighting methods adhesion
adhesions adhesive anchors adhesives adhesive strength adhesives
adhesive tape adhesive tapes adhesive testing adiabatic leak process admixtures
adsorption adults advanced construction technology advanced sensing advanced technologies
advection diffusion aerodynamic drag aerodynamic eccentricity aerodynamic loads aerodynamics
aerodynamic torque aerosol generators aerosols aerospace environments aerospace industry
aerospace management agency seismic safety coordinator age of air agglomerates aggregates
aggregation structure aging aging (materials) AHAM HRF-1 air
air bolume box airborne equipment airborne sampling air air change effectiveness
air change rates air change rate air air circulation air cleaner
air cleaners air cleaning air cleaning systems air air condenser
air conditioner air conditioners air conditioning air conditioning equipment air conditioning
aircraft cargo aircraft carriers aircraft certification aircraft compartments aircraft engines
aircraft aircraft explosions aircraft fires aircraft fluids aircraft fuels
aircraft fuel tanks aircraft aircraft hangars aircraft hazards aircraft impact
aircraft interiors aircraft jet fuels aircraft safety aircraft speeds aircraft
air air distribution air air entrainment air
air flow airflow analysis air flow airflow analysis air flow
air flow modeling airflow modeling air flow modeling airflow modeling air flow
air flow modeling air flow Air Force facilities air handling unit air handling units
air handling unit air air intake air leakage air
air mass air air mixtures air movement air
air permeability air pollution airports air pressure air quality
air sampling air supply air temperature airtightness air tightness
airtightness air traffic control air air velocity air
air voids air-void spacing air void spacing air-void spacing air voids
air-void system air void system air-void system air volume box fault alarm responses
alcohol alcohols aldehydes algorithms algorithsm
aliphatic compounds alkalai metals alkaline conditions alkaline metal alkalis
alkali-silica reaction alkali silica reaction alkali-silica reaction alkalis alkanes
alkenes alkylbenzene alkynes alloys ALOFT
alteration alternate load path alternative design alternative refrigerants alternatives
alumina silica aluminium aluminum ambient pressure ambient temperature
amine-cured epoxy ammonia ammonium amorphous silicon amplitude control
analysis analysis of variance analytical hierarchy process (APH) analytical modeling analytical models
analytical analytical studies analytical tools analytic hierarchy process anchorage
anchors anchors (structures) Anderson localization anemometers angle of incidence
angular resolution animals anionic effects annual energy consumption Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
annual fuel utilization efficiency annual fuel utilization annulus anodic blisters anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV)
ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 103 ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135 ANSI/ASHRAE Standard anthropometry antifreeze
apartments apparatus appearance appliances application factors
application protocol applied economics aqueous films aqueous foams aqueous mixtures
arbitrary shape architects architecture argon ARI Standard 320
aromatic compounds aromatic intermidiates aromatics Arrhenius Model arson
artificial aging artificial intelligence artificial weathering asbestos cement board asbestos
ASCE 7-02 ASCE 7-93 ASET ASHRAE 118.2 ASHRAE 62-2007
ASHRAE ASHRAE standard 103-1993 ASHRAE Standard 124 ASME A17 aspect ratio
asphalt asphyxiants aspirated hot films aspirated thermocouples assemblies
assessment ASTM C 1130 ASTM C150 ASTM C 1608 ASTM C305
ASTM E108 ASTM E 119-00 ASTM E 119 ASTM E119 ASTM E 119
ASTM E119 ASTM E 119 ASTM E119 ASTM E 119 ASTM E119
ASTM E 119 ASTM E119 ASTM E1354 ASTM E 1355 ASTM E 1543-00
ASTM E162 ASTM E 2187 ASTM E 2584 ASTM E 37.05 ASTM E 569
atmospheric contaminant transport atmospheric dispersion atmospheric lifetime atmospheric models atmospheric pressure
atmospheric temperature atomic force atomic force microscope atomic force microscopy (AFM) atomic force microscopy
atomizers atomizing ATR-FTIR atria ATR
attached garage attenuation attenuation relationships attenuation attics
attic ventilation auditory perception augmented simulation autogenous deformation autogenous shrinkage
autoignition autoignition temperature automated building construction automated excavation automatic data processing
automatic sprinklers automatic sprinkler systems automation automobile accidents automobile fires
automobiles automotive crashes automotive fueld automotive fuels average-cost pricing
axial flow axisymmetric jets azeotropes azeotropic azeotropic mixtures
azeotropic refrigerant mixtures


backdraft BACnet baffles band theory banks (buildings)
bar code bar codes bar coding barns barrier analysis
barriers base isolation bath medium bathrooms BaTiO3
beam-column beam-columns beams beam steering beam theory
bearing strength bedding bed joint bedrooms beds (furniture)
behavior models belts (conveyors) benchmarking bench scale fire tests bench scale tests
bending benefit cost analysis benzene benzo[a]pyrene Berkovich indenter
biaxial softening bibliographies bidirectional reflectance bidirectional reflectance distribution bilinear elastic
bimolecular reactions binary mixture binary mixtures binary zeotropic mixtures binder removal
biodegradability biology bitumens bituminous black body
blast effects blast loading blast resistance blasts blended cements
blends blind reconstruction blister growth blistering blisters
block copolymer block rate blood blower door blowing agents
blowoff blowout fires blowout velocity bluff bodies board and care homes
boats Boeing 767 aircraft boiler computer model boiler part-load performance boiler
boilers boiling behavior boiling boiling point boiling points
boiling point boiling boilover Boiteux model bolted connections
Boltzmann equation boltzmann methods bombs (ordnance) bond beam bonded connections
bonding bonding strength bond to concrete boric acid bossinesq approximation
boundary layers boussinesq approximation Boussinesq flow box beams brazed plate
brazed plate heat exchanger brazed plate heat exchangers BRDF breakeven analysis breathing apparatus
bricks bridge columns bridge cranes bridge deck bridge decks
bridges bridges (structures) bridging area Brinkman equation brittle failure
brittle fracture bromide bromine compounds bromine bromotrifluoromethane
brownian motion brush fires bubble parameters bubbles Buckinham-PI theorem
Buckinhan-PI theorem budget allocation budget constraint budgets buidling fires
building automation and control building automation building automation system building automation building choice
building codes building collapse building construction building control building control system
building control systems building control building design building diagnostics building economics
building energy conservation building energy management system building energy simulation building energy use building envelope
building envelopes building environment building fires building formation building frame
building frames building/HVAC emulator building/HVAC/plant system building information building integrated
building integrated photovoltaics building integrated building intelligence building loads building maintenance
building management building materials building networks building performance building products
building protection building research building safety buildings building science
buildings building simulation buildings building stone building structure
building system modeling building systems building technolgoy building technology builidng fires
built environment bulkheads buoyancy buoyant flow buoyant flows
buoyant flow buoyant plumes buring rate burner operating hours burners
burning rate burning rates burning rate burning rates burning rate
burning velocity burn injuries burnout burn patterns burns (injuries)
burn tests bursting buses


cable-drive cables cable trays cabon monoxide calcium hydroxide
calcium silicate hydrate calculators calibrated hot box calibrating calibration
calibration study calibration California Technical Bulletin 133 calorimeters calorimetric
calorimetry cameras candles capacitance capacity
capillary breakup capillary condensation capillary driving forces capillary flow capillary instability
capillary porosity capillary sorption capillary transport capillary tubes capital budget allocation
capital facilities capital facility capital investment decisions capping materials cap thickness
carbon balance method carbon dioxide carbon carbon fiber-reinforced polymers carbon fibers
carbon carbon monoxide carbon monoxide carbon monoxide carbon
carboxyhemoglobin cardboard cardiac effects cardiac sensitization cargo aircraft
cargo space carpets case histories case studies casualties
catalysts catalytic converters catalytic inhibition cathodic disbondment cation ions
CCIT ceiling component ceiling fires ceiling height ceiling jets
ceilings ceiling tiles ceiling vents cellular automata cellular automaton
cellular plastics cellular solids cellulose cellulosic fabrics cellulosic fuels
cellulosic materials cement based materials cement-based materials cement chemistry cement clinker
cement composites cement cement hydration cementitious materials cementitious powders
cement particles cement paste cement pastes cement paste cement pastes
cement paste cement powder cements census survey centennial celebrations
centrifugal pumps ceramic particulate systems ceramics cerium dioxide certainty equivalent
certification certified reference material CFAST CFD models chain reactions
chain scission chairs channel fire tests chaos chaotic behavior
chaotic dynamics chaotic dynamics approach equations chaotic dynamics chaotic resonance characterization
char char depth char char formation char
charged particles char length char charring char
chembio chemical additives chemical admixtures chemical agents chemical analysis
chemical equilibrium chemical fire fighting chemical heterogeneity chemical inhibition chemical inhibitors
chemical leak chemical modification chemical process chemical properties chemical reactions
chemical shrinkage chemical stability chemistry children chillers
chimney fires chimneys chloride diffusion chloride ion chloride ions
chloride ion chlorides chloride chlorinated hydrocarbons chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
chlorine chlorofluorcarbon chlorofluorocarbons chromatography cigarettes
CIMsteel Integration Standards circuit boards circuits circulation civil engineering
civil engineering environments civil engineering civil infrastructure cladding class A fires
Class A fires class A fires class B fires class B foams Class C fires
class C fires class D fires classifications classifiction clay
cleaning agents cleaning clean room fires clean rooms climate
climate suitability climate climatology clinker clinkers
closed cell clothes dryers clothing cluster coagulation
coal coarse particles coastal currents coating durability coating materials
coatings code equivalency codes coefficient of performance cohesive strength
coides coinductivity cold gas thruster cold wires collapse
colloids color columns combination appliance combined annual efficiency
combined performance factor combustibility combustible gases combustible materials combustibles
combustible solids combustibles combustion combustion aerosols combustion
combustion chambers combustion combustion chemistry combustion combustion efficiency
combustion combustion gases combustion combustion models combustion
combustion physics combustion combustion process combustion combustion products
combustion combustion toxicity combustion toxicology combustion combustion waves
combustion combution comfort commercial aircraft commercial boiler
commercial buildings commerical buildings commissioning communication equipment communication networks
communication protocol compact fluorescent lamps compact heat exchanger compaction grouting compaction hammer
comparison compartmentation compartment compartment fires compartments
compartmernt fires compatability compatibility competitiveness complex fluids
complex materials component tracking composite materials composites composite
composition composition (property) compressed air foam compressed air compressible fluids
compressing compression field theory compression testing compressive strength computation
computational fluid dyanmics computational fluid dynamics computational fluid dynamis computational materials science computation
computer aided design computer algorithm computer algorithms computer databases computer graphics
computer integrated construction computer integrated knowledge computer integrated knowledge system computer integrated knowledge systems computerized materials databases
computerized simulation computer modeling computer models computer program computer programs
computer rendering computers computer simulation computer simulation program computer simulation
computer simulations computer simulation computers computer systems concentration fluctuations
concentration measurement concentration measurements concentration profiles concrete beams concrete blocks
concrete bridge decks concrete columns concrete diffusivity concrete materials standards concrete mixers
concrete pavements concrete pore solution concrete rheology concretes concrete slabs
concretes concrete solution concretes concrete strength concretes
concrete technology concrete testing condensation condenser condensers
condition assessment conduction conductive heat transfer conductivity cone calorimeter
cone calorimeters conferences conference summary conferences configurations
confined geometry confocal microscope confocal microscopy conformance testing connection response
connections connection connections connectors conretes
conservation consolidation constructed facilities construction construction assessment
construction construction automation construction construction automation construction
construction equipment construction construction goals construction construction industry
construction construction materials construction construction materials construction
construction metrology construction construction process integration construction process simulation construction
construction robotics construction construction safety and health construction construction simulators
construction construction standards construction consumer products consumer protection
containers containment CONTAM contaminant analysis contaminant
contaminant dispersal contaminant contaminants contaminant contamination
contrast control algorithms control controlled atmospheres control loops
control control network control control rooms control stability
control strategy control system control system performance control systems control system
control theory convection convective flow convective heat transfer cooking appliances
cooking cooking fires cooking tops cooling copolymers
copper COP copper copper oxide copper
corner fittings corners corner tests correctional facilities correlation
corridors corridor tests corrosion corrosion of reinforcement corrosion
corrosivity cost analysis cost benefit analysis cost benefit anlaysis cost benefits
cost benefits schedule compression cost classifications cost effective decision cost effective cost effectiveness
cost estimate cost estimates cost estimation cost minimization cost recovery
costs cost sharing costs cotton fabrics cotton
couches counter counterflow burner counter flow burner counterflow diffusion flames
counterflow flames cpatomgs crack bridging cracking (fracturing) crack propagation
cranes crash tests crashworthiness creep compliance creep
creep-rupture creep rupture creep-rupture creep rupture creep tests
creosote crevice corrosion crib burning crib fires cribs
crib tests criteria critical parameters critical phenomena critical radiant flux
critical temperature cross correlation crosslinking crosslinking density crosslinking
crude oil cryogenic fluids cryogenics crystallographic research crystallography
cup burner cup burners cup Burner cup burners cup burner
cup furnace curde oil curing agents curing currents
curtains curtain walls curvature multiplier cushions cut-and-fill calculation
cut-fill calculation cyanate ester cyanide cybernetic buildings cybernetic building systems
cyclic lateral loads cyclic load cyclic loading cyclic loads cyclic load tests
cyclic testing cyclic tests cyclones cyclopropane cylinders


damage damage assessment damage damage control damage
damage evaluation damage damage investigation damage damage matrix
damage damage modeling damage damage state damage
dampers damping damping system dams Darcy's Law
data acquisition data analysis database-assisted design databases data collection
data envelopment analysis data exchange data exchange standards data exchange data processing
data reduction data sets data sharing data telemetry daylighting
death debris decay decibal levels decibel levels
decision analysis decision making decision support software decision support system decision support systems
decision theory decomposition decomposition products decomposition decreasing-cost production
dedicated outdoor air systems deep beams defect deflagration deflection
deformation degradation degradation products degradation dehydration
Delaunay triangulation Delauney triangulation delivery time delphi method demand analysis
demand rate density density differential density effects density
Department of Energy depersion deposition depressurization fan depressurization
depth-sensing indentation (DSI) depth-sensing indenter design applications design-bid-build design-build
design codes design criteria designer materials design fires design/information technologies
design/information technology design life design method design design performance
design design spectra design standards design technology design tool
design triggers detection detection limits detection detection response
detection detection time detector location detector response detector sensitivity
detectors deterioration deterministic planar systems detonation developmentally disabled
devices dewetting diagnostics diamond-tipped probe diblock copolymer formation
dichlorodifluoromethane dichloroethylene dichlorotetrafluoroethane dichlorotrifluoroethane dichotomous noise
dictionaries dielectric breakdown dielectric constant dielectric spectroscopy diesel engines
diesel exhust diesel fuel diesel fuels differences different furances
differential effective medium differential effective medium theory differential equation differential mobility analysis differential mobility analyzer
differential pressure differential scanning calorimetry diffraction diffusers diffusion
diffusion flames diffusion diffusivity difluoromethane digital controller
digital data base digital image analysis digital images digital imaging digital mirror devices
digital resolution diluent gases diluents dilution dimensional analysis
dining rooms direct digital control disaster mitigation disaster reduction disasters
discharge discharge pressure discharge rate discharge discovery science
dishwasher dishwasher performance dishwashers disordered systems dispatch
dispersed particulate systems dispersion dispersions dispersion science dispersions
dispersion dispersions dispersion dispersons displacement
displacement ventilation dissipation Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) dissipative particle dynamics modeling dissipative particle dynamics
dissociation rates dissolution distance metrology distillation distributed processing
distributed District of Columbia diving environments DOE test procedure domain decomposition
domestic water storage tank door assemblies door leakage doors doorways
doorway dormitories draft curtain draft curtains drain pile
drift capacity drilling dripping droplet6s droplet combustion
droplets drops drop size drop size measurement drop size measurements
drop sizes drop size drop sizes drops dry bays
dry chemicals drying drying shrinklage drying dry powders
ductility ducts duffision potential durability dust explosions
dust dusts dust dust wipes dyes
dynamical systems dynamic analysis dynamic characteristics dynamic elastic moduli dynamic mechanical analysis
dynamic pressure dynamic programming dynamic response dynamics


earth orbit earthquake damage earthquake energy earthquake engineering earthquake ground motions
earthquake hazard earthquakes earthquakes flexibility formulations earthquakes earth science
ease of ignition tester ecology economcis economic analysis economic factors
economic impacts economic incentives economic methods economic performance economics
economic economics economic simulation economics economics research
economics economic value economizer education eductational facilities
effective dosage effective medium theory effectiveness effectivness efficiency
egress ehtanol ehters eigenstrain eigenstress
ejector elastic design elastic driving forces elasticity elastic moduli
elastic modulus elastic properties elastic property elastic elastomeric bearings
elastomeric elastomers elderly persons electrical cables electrical circuitry
electrical conductivity electrical equipment electrical fires electrical insulation electrical load fraction
electrical mobility electrical performance electrical potential electrical power electrical properties
electrical resistivity electrical shock electrical system electric batteries electric cables
electric heaters electricity rates electric migration electric potential electric power
electric resistance heating electric wire electroceramics electrochemical properties electrode configurations
electrodes electro-diffusion electrolyte electromagnetic properties electromagnetic wave propagation
electronic building design electronic commerce electronic data interchange electronic equipment electronic facilities
electronics electron paramagnetic resonance electrospray electrostatic charges electrostatic field
elemental classifications elevated highway structures elevated outdoor temperature elevated temperature elevation
elevator shafts elevators (lifts) emergencies emergency plans emergency preparedness
emergency responder emergency responders emergency response emission rates emissions
emission emissions emissivity emissivity measurement emissivity
empirical equation emulation emulator emulsions encapsulant
encapsulants enclosures enclosure enclosures energy accounting
energy affecting factors energy energy balance energy capacity energy conservation
energy consumption energy consumption test energy costs energy economics energy efficiency
energy efficient energy energy factor energy factors energy factor
energy industry energy energy management energy management and control systems energy management
energy management system energy management systems energy management energy performance energy policy
energy price escalation energy energy release energy release rate energy savings
energy sources energy standard energy standards energy systems energy test procedure
energy transfer energy use engine coolant engineering design engineering economics
engineering information engineering seismology engine rooms enhanced fins enhanced heat transfer
enhanced heat enhanced enthalpy-based method enthalpy entombment
entrained air voids entrainment entrophy entropic average entropy
envelope envelope transfer environmental assessment environmental benefits environmental conditions
environmental control systems environmental effects environmental engineering environmentally safe environmental performance
environmental systems environment environment influence environment models environment
environments environmetrics EPDM membrane EPDM membranes EPDM
EPDM roofing membranes epidemiology epoxies epoxy-coated rebars epoxy
epoxy molecular mass epoxy networks epoxy resins epoxy equaitons
equation equations equipment equipment tracking equipment
erosion control escalators escape escape means escape
ESPCs esters estimation procedures ethane ethanol
ethene ethylbenzene ethylene-air flames ethylene ethylene flames
ethylene ethylene glycol ethylene ettringite evacuating (transportation)
evacuation evacuation models evacuation evacuation time evacuation
evaluaiton evaluation evaluation methods evaluation evaluations
evaluation evalution evaporation evaporation cooling evaporation
evaporative cooling evaporator evaporators evaporator evaporators
excavation Executive Order 12941 Executive Order Executive Order on Seismic Safety exhasut gases
exhaust emissions exhaust energy exhaust gases exhaust systems existing buildings
exit rate exits exit signs exits exit time
exothermic reactions expanded polystyrene expansion expansion anchors expansion
expansio expedriments expeirments experimental design experimental
experimental testing experiments expert systems explicit shape representation explosion hazards
explosions explosion suppression explosive spalling export exposure
extension services extinction extinction time extinction extinguishing
extinguishing limits extinguishing extinguishment extinguishment times extinguishment time
extinguishment times extinguishment extraction extrapolation extreme events
extreme values extreme value statistics extreme value theory extreme wind speeds


F-16 aircraft fabrication fabric flammability fabric flammability testing fabrics
face masks face protection facture failure analysis failure
failure analysis failure failure models failure modes failure
failures failure time failure falling bodies fall trajectory
false alarms fan fans fast response sprinklers fast tracking
fatigue (materials) fatigue fault detection and diagnostics fault detection fault detection method
fault detection fault diagnosis fault location fault tree analysis fault tree
fault trees FDS federal agencies Federal agencies federal budgets
federal buildings Federal Energy Management Program federal relighting federal tax analysis fenestration
ferrocene ferroelectric fiberglass resins fiber insulating boards fiber optic
fiber optics fiber reinforced composite fiber reinforced plastic fiber reinforced polymer fiber reinforced polymeric composites
fiber-reinforced polymers fibers fibrous glass board fibrous glass fibrous rubber
field exposure field modeling field models field-of-view field studies
field study field tests field test filled HDPE fillers
film ablation film films filters filtration
financial incentives financing fine particles fine water fingering patterns
finishes (fabrics) finite difference finite difference theory finite difference finite element analysis
finite element method finite element model finite elements finite element finite size effect
finite size error finned-tube fin profiles fin shapes fire alamr systems
fire alarms fire alarms systems fire alarm systems fireballs fire barriers
fire behavior fire booms fire brands firebrands fire brands
firebrands fire brands fire chemistry fire codes fire damage
fire dampers fire data fire departments fire detection fire detection fire suppression
fire detection fire detection systems fire detection fire detectors fire doors
fire drills fire duration fire dynamics fire effluents fire emergency planning
fire endurance fire endurance ratings fire endurance tests fire engineering fire extinguishers
fire extinguishing agents fire extinguishing fire extinguishment fire fatalities fire fighters
fire fighting fire fighting equipment fire fighting fire fighting training fire fighting
fire fighting vehicles fire fighting fire gases fire growth fire hazard analysis
fire hazard fire hazard analysis fire hazard fire hazard assessment fire hazard
fire hazards fire hazards assessment fire hazards fire hazard fire hoses
fire hydrants fire incidence fire incidenct fire incidents fire insurance
fire investigaions fire investigations fire investigatios fire investigators fire investigtions
fire load fire loss fire losses fire loss fire markings
fire measurements fire modeling fire models fire panels fire performance
fire phases fire physics fireplaces fire plumes fire point
fire prevention fire protection fire protection engienering fire protection engineering fire protection
fire protection engineering fire protection fire ratings fire reporting fire research
fire reserch fire resistance fire resistance materials fire resistance fire resistance rating
fire resistance fire resistance testing fire resistance tests fire resistance test fire resistant fluids
fire resistant materials fire resistive materials fire retardant materials fire retardants fire retardant treatments
fire risk fire risk assessment fire risk fire risks fire risk
fire safety fire safety evaluation system Fire Safety Evaluation System fire safety fire science
fire severity fires fire signatures fire simulation fire simulator
fire spread fires fire statistics firestops fire suppresion
fire suppressant fire suppressioin fire suppression fire temperature fire tests
fire-tube boiler fire walls fire whirls first aid first responders
fixed fire protection systems flaight tests flake orientation flamd spread flame behavior
flame chemistry flame detectors flame extinction flame extincuishment flame extinguishants
flame extinguishment flame extinguishment limits flame extinguishment flame flicker flame fronts
flame height flame ignition flame impingement flame inhibition flame ionization detectors
flame length flame liftoff flame luminosity flame models flameproofing
flame propagation flame radiation flame research flame resistance flame resistant materials
flame retardant additives flame retardant materials flame retardants flame retardant treatments flame size
flame speed flame spread flame spread rate flame spread flame spread test
flame spread flame spread test flame spread flame stability flame stabilization
flame structure flame structures flame structure flame suppression flame synthesis
flame temperature flame through flame velocity flame whirls flame width
flaming combustion flammabile liquids flammability flammability limits flammability
flammability measurements flammability flammability properties flammability flammability testing
flammability tests flammability flammable fabrics flammable liquids flammable materials
flammable refrigerants flammable refrigerant flamproofing flashover flash point
flashpoint flaw detection flaws fleet administration flexibility
flexible foams flexural strength flexure flexure strength flickering flames
flight tests flooding floods floor covering floor coverings
flooring flooring radiant panel test floor-leveling material floors floor systems
floows Florida Solar Energy Center flow boiling flow boiling heat transfer flow boiling
flow flow distribution flow field flow fields flow length concept
flow measurement flow models flow properties flow rate flow rates
flow rate flow resistance flow flow testing flow velocity
flow visualization fluctuations flue gases flue gas measuring location flue pipe
flues fluid dynamics fluid dynamics simulator fluid dynamics fluid flow
fluid heating fluid mechanics fluids fluorescence fluorinated gases
fluorinated polymers fluorocarbons fluxmeters fly ash foam barriers
foam concentrates foam foam expansion foam extinguishing systems foam generation
foam materials foam (materials) foam (materisla) foam focal plane array
focal plkane array fog forced air flow forced convection force mode
forecasting forensics forest fires forestry formaldehyde
formation factor formualtions formulation formulations formulation
Fortran foundations Fourier Transform Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy fractal dimensions
fractal properties fractals fractionation fracture analysis fracture
fracture mechanics fracture fracture process fragility curves frame connections
frame frames frame structures frames framework
France free burning fires free molecular flow theory free radicals free space optics
freexing freeze-thaw degradation freeze thaw freeze-thaw freeze thaw
freezing frequency analysis frequency fresh concrete friction contrast
friction factor friction friction reduction friction frost durability
Froude number FRP composites FRP FT-IR ft-ir
FT-IR fuel additives fuel/air mixtures fuel/air ratio fuel/air ration
fuel/air ratio fuel beds fuel cells fuel cell system fuel distribution
fuel fires fuel flow fuel flow rate fuel flow fuel load
fuel loads fuel load fuel loads fuel load fuel mixtures
fuel oils fuels fuel spills fuel sprays fuels
fuel supply fuels fuel systems fuel tanks Fujita intensity scale
fullerene-based ionomers fullerene derivatives full scale burn full scale fire tests function
fundamental mechanistic experiments furnace furnaces furnances furnishings
furniture furniture calorimeters furniture fuselages


garages Gardon gauges garments gas analysis gas atmosphere
gas burners gas chromatography gas combustible gas composition gas concentration
gas concentrations gas concentration s gas concentrations gas density gas detectors
gases gas-fired furnace gas flow gas generators gasification
gas gas layers gas mixtures gasoline gas samples
gas sampling gas sensors gas separation gas temperature gas temperatures
gas temperature gas toxicity gas turbine engines gas velocity gas yields
gateway gelling agents gelling gels generation
generation rates generators genetic programming geology geometry
geophysical methods geotechnical engineering geotechnology GEWA-K(TM) GEWA-T
GEWA-T(TM) glass glass fiber glass fibers glass
glass microsphere glass glass reinforced polyester resins glass glass transition temperature
glass glazing materials glazing (windows) glide matching global equivalence ratio
global positioning system gloss glycolic acid glycols gonio-apparent
goverment buildings government buildings government government policies government
GPS gradients graphic interface graphics grasses
grasslands gravimeters gravimetry gravitational fields gravity
gravity current gravity currents gravity current gravity gravity load
gravity Great Smoky Mountain National Park Great Smoky Mountains National Park green building green buildings
Gregorig profiles ground failures ground fires ground improvement ground motion
ground response ground vehicles grouted anchors guarded hot box guarded-hot-plate apparatus
guarded hot plate apparatus guarded hot plate guidelines and practices guidelines gust factors
gust loads gypsum gypsum board gypsum boards gypsum board


habitability hail hallways halocarbons halogenated compounds
halogens halon 1011 halon 1201 halon 1211 halon 1301
halon 2402 halon alternatives halon halon replacements halon
halons halon simulants halons halopn 1301 handicapped
hangars hangers hardness harmonization hazard analsyis
hazard analysis hazard assessment hazard mitigation hazardous materials hazards
health care facilities health hazards heat absorption heat alarms heat
heat balance heat capacity heat conduction heat detection heat detectors
heated surface heaters heat exchanger heat exchangers heat exchanger
heat exchangers heat exchanges heat exposure heat extraction heat flow
heat flow meter heat flow heat flux heat flux sensor heat flux
heat generation heating heating/cooling cycle heating heating equipment
heating euipment heating heating rates heating heating seasonal efficiency
heating heat insulators heat loss heat of combustion heat of formation
heat of gasification heat of hydration heat of vaporization heat products heat pum
heat pumping systems heat pumps heat radiation heat recovery heat recovery ventilation
heat recovery ventilator heat release heat release rate heat release heat relese rate
heat sinks heat sources heat stress heat transfer heat transfer coefficient
heat transfer heat transfer fluids heat transfer heat transfer liquids heat transfer
heat transmission heat transport Hele-Shaw flow cell helicopters helium
helmet mounted displays heptafluoropropane heptane heptanes heptane
hermite polynomials heterogeneity heterogeneous burning heterogeneous combustion heterogeneous gas reactions
heterogeneous hexane hexanes hexane HFC-134a
hierarchy high bay hangars high bay high bays high density foams
high-flux(TM) high performance concrete high performance construction materials high performance materials high pressure
high rise building high rise buildings high rise building high speed photography high strength concrete
high-strength concrete high strength concrete high strength steel high temeprature high tempeature
high temperature high temperature gases high temperature highways H(infinity)
histograms historic buildings historic preservation histories history
holographic interferometry holography home fires homeland security homogeneoty
homogenization homopolymer blend hopping rates horizontal distance horizontal reinforcement
hositways hospital fires hospitals hotels hot layers
hot surfaces hot water boiler hot wire anemometers house-garage interface houses
housing HPLC hqalon alternatives HSPF HUD Manufactured Home Construction
HUD standards human actions human behavior human beings human factors engineering
human performance human response humidity chamber humidity humna behavior
hurricane hurricanes HVAC design HVACSIM+ HVAC system
HVAC system simulations hybrid hybrid ventilation hydration hydration kinetics
hydration hydration products hydration hydraulic analyses hydraulic calculations
hydraulic diameter hydraulic fluids hydrids hydrocarbon flames hydrocarbon fuels
hydrocarbons hydrocarbon sprays hydrocarbons hydrochloric acid hydrochlorofluorocarbons
hydrodynamic dispersion hydrodynamic model hydrodynamics hydrofluorocarbons hydrogen
hydrogen bromide hydrogen hydrogen chloride hydrogen hydrogen cyanide
hydrogen cyanides hydrogen fluoride hydrogen fluorides hydrogen hydrology
hydrolysis hydroxyl radicals hygroscopic Hylleraas Configuration Interaction HYPERCON
hysteresis hysteresis model hysteresis models hysteretic structures


ice identification ignitability ignition ignition delay
ignition ignition hazards ignition ignition measurements ignition
ignition prevention ignition ignition resistance ignition ignition source
ignition sources ignition source ignition ignition suppression ignition temperature
ignition ignition time ignition igniton illuminance
image analysis image intensifiers image processing image reconstruction imaging
imidazolium immersive environments impact impact assessment impact
impact evaluation impact impacts impact impact survivability
impact impedance impedance spectroscopy IMPI impingement
import incandescence incandescent lamps incapacitation incentives
incident command inclined tests indentation indexes (documentation) indoor air
indoor air quality indoor environmental quality indoor radon induced draft furnace induction period
inductivity industrial accidents industrial buildings industrial facilities industrial fires
industrial floors industrial plants industrial safety industries industry
inelastic analysis inelastic behavior inert atmosphere inert gases inerting
infilled walls infill walls infiltration in-flight fires informaiton dissemination
information dissemination information exchange information management system information model information models
information retrieval information science information sharing information storage information technology
information transfer information utilization infrared absorption infrared camear infrared camera
infrared detectors infrared fire detectors infrared imaging infrared optics infrared photography
infrared radiation infrared spectra infrared spectrometers infrared spectroscopy infrared thermography
infrastructure infrastructure investment infrastructure inhalation inhalation toxicity
inhibition inhibitors injection injuries in-place strength
in-place testing in-service exposures in situ burning in situ combustion in situ measurement
in situ measurements in situ measurement inspection inspections instability
installations installation installing institutional buildings institutional implications
institutions instrumental indentation instrumentation and control systems instrumentation instrument design
instruments insulating materials insulation insulation database insulation
insulation systems insulation insurance integral functions for off-period losses integraltrapezoidal-fin
integrated appliance integrated circuits integrated database integrated knowledge systems integrated water heating
integrating sphere integration and automation intellectual property intelligent agents intelligent buildings
intelligent control intelligent systems interaction techniques interbox connectors inter-component connections
interdependency interdependent security interface analysis interface interfaces
interface interfacial energy interfacial force microscope (IFM) interfacial properties interfacial tension
interfacial transition zone interfacial zone interferometry interior finishes interior finish
interior furnishings interlaboratory interlaboratory evaluation interlaboratory interlocking connections
interlocking intermittency internal curing internal reflection spectroscopy International Standards Org.
international sympsoium Internet interoperability interoperability costs interoperability
interoperable MPI interphase interrelated application protocol interstitial spaces intrinsic viscosity
in-tube condensation intumescence intumescent coatings inventory analysis inventory
inverse-elasticity rule investigations investment iodine ionic transport
ionization alarms ionization chamber detectors ionization chambers ionization detectors ionization
ionizing radiation ionomers ions ion selective microelectrode iron
iron pentacarbonyl irradiance irradiation irritants ISO 10303
ISO 5660 isobutane isopentane isophthalic polyester ISO Standard 13256-1
isothermal leak process


jet engines jet fires jet flames jet fuels jet grouting
jet induced flow jets joints joints (junctions) joints
joists JP-1 jet fuel JP-4 jet fuel JP-5 jet fuel JP-8 jet fuel


karst Katz-Thompson relation kerosene ketone ketones
kevlar fabrics kientics kinetic constants kinetic mechanism kinetic models
kinetics kinetic theory kitchen appliances kitchen fires kitchens
kit response knowledge based system knowledge based systems knowledge bases knowledge
knowledge exchange knowledge interoperability knowledge system knowledge systems Knudsen number


labeling laboratories laboratory aging laboratory laboratory experiments
laboratory facilities laboratory measurements laboratory testing lactic acid LADAR
laer diffraction spectrometry laminar burning velocity laminar flames laminar flow lamps
Langmuir monolayers laod bearing materials large eddy simulation large fires large scale fire tests
large stone mixes laser diffraction laser doppler velocimetry laser imaging laser-induced fluorescence
laser metrology laser positioning system laser radar lasers laser scanner
laser scanning laser scanning confocal microscopy laser scanning lasers laser sensor
lasers latch locks latent heat lateral ignition lateral spread
latex Lattice Bohemann lattice Boltzmann Lattice Boltzmann lattice Boltzmann
Lattice Bolzmann lattice gas lattice models lattice lattice symmetries
layer height layer heights LC50 LC 50 LCC instruction
leaching lead based paint lead based paints lead-based paint lead chromate
lead containing dust lead lead level lead paints lead recovery
lead leakage leak process legislation length scales
lethal concentrations lexan (trademark) libraries life cycle assessment life cycle cost analysis
life-cycle cost analysis life cycle cost analysis life-cycle cost analysis life cycle cost analysis life cycle cost
life cycle costing life-cycle costing life cycle costing life-cycle costing life cycle costing
life-cycle cost methods life-cycle cost life cycle costs life cycle impact assessment life cycle
life cycles life cycle life (durability) lifelines life safety
life safety code life safety codes Life Safety Code life safety code Life Safety Code
life safety life support systems life-sycle cost light extinction lighting equipment
lighting lightly reinforced lightning light obscuration light scattering
light scattering detectors light scattering intenstiy light scattering lightweight aggregate lightweight aggregates
lightweight concretes limestone linear interpolation linear programming linear properties
linear stability line cameras line fire line heat source linings
lipids liquefaction liquefaction remediation liquefaction liquid chromatography
liquid fires liquid fuels liquid-line/suction-line heat exchanger liquid-line/suction-line heat exchange liquid phases
liquids liquid spills liquid surfaces literature review literature reviews
lithium living rooms living space load bearing capacity load bearing elements
load calculation load capacity load effects load factors load frame compliance
loads (capacity) loads (forces) local government LonTalk loss estimation
loss rate low cycle fatigue low density foams low Earth orbit low energy buildings
low-ignition cigarettes low level nuclear disposal low pressue low pressure low pressure flames
low pressure low rise buildings low-rise buildings low rise buildings low-sloped roofing
low slope roofing low tempeature low temperature low viscosity dilute macromolecular LP gas
lubricants lumber luminance luminescence luminosity
luminous flames luninous flames


machinery machine-tool macrodetect free macroeconomic analysis magnesium
maintenance maintenance and repair maintenance maintenance costs maintenance
management engineering management management information systems management systems manganese
mannequins manuals manufactured housing manufacturing Manufacturing Extension Program
manufacturing mapping Marangoni pattern marine marine transportation
market adjustments marshall flow Marshall method marshall stability marsh cone
masonry masonry walls masonry mass balance mass burns
mass distribution mass fires mass flow mass flux mass fraction
mass loss mass notification mass optical density mass quality mass rate
mass spectrometers mass spectrometry mass spectroscopy mass transfer mass transport
matches material degradation material design material flammability material proeprties
material properties materials material science materials compatibility materials design
materials engineering materials handling materials science materials testing materials tests
material tests mathematical analysis mathematical/analytical technique mathematical model mathematical modeling
mathematical models mathematical programming mathmatical models mattresses maturity
maturity factor maturity method maturity mean curvature mean exit time
mean-field theory mean field theory measured strength measurement measurements
measurement measurements measurement measurement uncertainties measurement
measuring instruments mechanical engineering mechanical equipment mechanical properties mechanical ventilation
medical services mehtodology melamine melnikov approach melnikov function
Melnikov function melnikov function Melnikov function Melnikov processes Melnikov process
melt flow melting membrane membranes mental retardation
mercury intrusion porosimetry mesoscopic modeling message passing interface metal cladding metal compounds
metal fires metal ions metallic coatings metallic pigmented coating metallurgy
metal-oxide nanoparticle metal oxides metal plate metals meteorological extremes
meteorology methane methanol methodology metodology
metrics metrology microchannels microcomputers microcontamination
micro effects microelectrode microfabrication microfiller microfin
microfin tube micro-fin tubes microgravity microgravity combustion microgravity
micromechanics microscopy microstructural characterization microstructural development microstructural evolution
microstructure microstructure modeling microstructure microstructure of materials microstructure
microstructures microstructure microstructures microstructure microstructures
microstructure microtomography microwave ovens microzonation Mie Scattering
migration mildew military aircraft military facilities military vehicles
military vheicles mine fires mineral admixtures mineralogy mini-furnace
mini-slump Missouri mist mitigation MIUS
mixed system mixer efficiency mixer truck mixing mixing laws
mixing mixture design mixture fraction mixture fracture mixture optimization
mixture proportioning mixtures mobile homes mobility model
model fires modeling model models model studies
model validation modified cube strength modified surface energy moduli modulus
modulus of elasticity MOIST moisture absorption moisture analysis moisture
moisture content moisture contnet moisture control moisture control guidelines Moisture Control Handbook
moisture control moisture moisture effects moisture moisture in attics
moisture in walls moisture moisture modeling moisture moisture performance
moisture moisture problems moisture property moisture moisture transfer
moisture transfer model moisture transfer moisture mold and mildew growth mold
molecular diffusion molecular dynamics molecular structure molecular weight mole fractions
molybdenum moment capacity moment resisting monitoring monitors
mono-crystalline monolayer monomers monosize particles monte carlo method
Monte Carlo method monte carlo method Monte Carlo method Monte Carlo simulation monte carlo simulation
montmorillonite morphology mortar mortar joints mortar
mortars mortar mortars mortar motor
motor vehicle accidents motor vehicle fires motor vehicles MPI mufflers
mulch multiattribute decision analysis multi-attribute decision analysis multiattribute decision analysis multiattribute decision making
multi-attribute decisions multifamily housing multi-family housing multi-family residential multiobjective decision analysis
multipath multiphase flow multiphase fluids multiple criteria decision analysis multi-product enterprises
multiroom fires multiscale mechanics multi-scale multi-scale modeling multi-scale
multistable systems multi-story buildings multi-variable regression multi-zone multizone analysis
multizone building multizone buildings multi-zone multizone multizone modeling
multi-zone model municipalities


nacelle engines nacelle fires nanocomposites nanocrystalline nanofluids
nanoindentation nanolubricants nanomechanics nanomist systems nanoparticles
nanoscale nanoscale mechanics nanoscale metrologies nanoscale technology nanostructures
nanotechnology nanotubes naphthenic mineral oil national construction goals national government
natural convection natural disasters natural gas natural resources natural ventilation
Navier-Stokes equations near-azeotropes need for standards neoprene (trademark) Nernst-Planck
net benefits method network neural networkd neural network neural networks
neurons neurophysiology neutral network neutron reflection neutron reflectivity
neutron scattering new construction newsprint new technology materials next generation
NFPA 13 NFPA 13R NFPA 13 NFPA 1403 NFPA 1670
NFPA 1801 NFPA 1901 NFPA 1971 NFPA 1982 NFPA 2001
NFPA 2010 NFPA 251 NFPA 555 NFPA 72 NFPA 74
NFPA 805 NFPA 92A NFPA NFRIS N-gas model
nickel nightclubs night cooling nitorgen oxides nitric oxide
nitrogen nitrogen dioxide nitrogen nitrogen oxides nitrogen
nitrous oxide nitrous oxides NLS noise (sound) nomex fabrics
nomodisperse spheres non-adiabatic lubricant excess surface noncombustibles noncombustion nondestructive testing
nondestructive tests non-evaporable water non-Gaussian procedures nonlinear dynamical systems nonlinear dynamics
nonlinear finite elements nonlinear systems non-line-of-sight metrology non-line-of-sight nonocomposites
nonpremixed flames nonstructural component nonstructural damage nonstructural performance Northridge earthquake
nozles nozzles nuclear disposal nuclear magnetic resonance nuclear power plants
nuclear reactor safety nuclear reactors nuclear reators nuclear winter nucleate boiling
nucleation numberical analysis numerical analysis numerical integration numerical models
numerical simulation numeric databases nursing homes nursing staff nylon 11
nylon 6 (trademark) nylon nylon (trademark)


occupant behavior occupant response occupants occupational hazards occupational illnesses
occupational injuries occupational safety ocean engineering oceanography odor descrimination
odors office building office buildings office furniture offshore drilling
offshore platforms oil films oil fires oils oilspill
oil spills oils oil tanks oil well fires ontology
Operation Breakthrough operation breakthrough operations costs operator effect optical characterization
optical control optical density optical flame detectors optical measurement optical measuring instruments
optical microscopy optical performance optical properties optical pyrometers optical reflectance
optical scattering optical spectroscopic optical wireless optimal control strategies optimization
ordinary differential equations organic bromine compounds organic coating organic phosphorus compounds organometallics
organophosphorus compounds orientation outdoor air outdoor exposure outdoor installation
ovens overall desirability overall performance overcurrent overheating
overlayer effect testing overpasses oxidation oxides oxidizers
oxygen oxygen analyzers oxygen atmosphere oxygen oxygen concentration
oxygen concentrations oxygen concentration oxygen concentraton oxygen conservation oxygen consumption
oxygen consumption calorimetry oxygen consumption oxygen depletion oxygen oxygen enriched atmospheres
oxygen oxygen index oxygen index test oxygen ozone
ozone depletion ozone


painted surfaces paint paints pallets pallet storage
panels panic paper paraffin paraffinic mineral oil
paraffins parallel algorithms parallel computing parallel processing parameters
partial grouting partially grouted particle distribution particle image velocimetry particles
particle shape particles particle size particle size distribution particle size
particles particle synthesis particle trajectories particulate body particulates
particulate systems partitions passageways passenger trains passenger vehicles
passive control passive energy dissipation devices passive energy dissipation PASS past, present and future
path-integration patrol vehicle pattern recognition pavement design pavements
pavement pavers peak demand peak demand reductions peel
peel strength peel test penetration capacity penetration penetration tests
pentafluoroethane people movement peptides percent voids percolation
perfluorocarbons performance advantage performance approach performance assessment performance based codes
performance based design performance characteristic performance codes performance concept performance criteria
performanced based codes performance evaluation performance performance metrics performance norms
performance outcomes performance performance prediction performance properties performance ranking
performance standards performance performanc evaluation period permanent ground deformation
permeability permeation grouting petrography petrophysics phase analysis
phase-based time-of-flight phase composition phase contrast phase Doppler interferometry phase Doppler particle analyzer
phase imaging phase plane analysis phase separation phase space flux phase transitions
phenol formaldehyde phenolictriazines phenol phenols phosphate
phosphine oxide phosphine oxides phosphorus phosphorus compounds phosphorus
photoconductance photoconductivity photodegradation photoelectric alarms photoelectric detectors
photography photolysis photoreactivity photovaltaic module photovoltaic
photovoltaic cells photovoltaic photovoltaic module photovoltaic panels photovoltaic
photovoltaics photovoltaic systems physical models physical parameters physical process
physical properties physics physiological effects PIEBASE piers
piezoelectric stack pigmented coatings pigment pigments pigment
pill test pilot flame pilot ignition pilot projects pipelines
pipes piping system piston effect pitot tube planning
plants (botany) plaster Plaster of Paris plastic plastic design
plastic pipes plastics plastic shrinkage plastics plastics size distribution
plastics plastic viscosity plenums plumbing plumes
plunge tests plywood PMMA poisons poisson ratio
Poisson's ratio polarizability police police equipment police patrol vehicles
pollutant pollutant transport pollution polyamid 6 polyamide
polyamides poly(avinylidene fluoride) polybutadiene polybutylene polycarbonates
polycrystalline polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons polyester
polyester resin polyesters polyethylene oxide polyethylenes polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes
polyisocyanurate foam polymamide-6 polymer blend films polymer blends polymer blend
polymer coating surface polymer composite polymer composites polymer composite polymer concrete
polymer films polymer/glass fiber composites polymeric coatings polymerization polymer/metal interface
polymers polymer/substrate interface polymers polymer thin films polymethacrylate
polymethyl methacrylate poly(methyl methacrylate) polymethyl methacrylate polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons polyolefins
polyolester polyolester lubricant polyols polypropylene polypropylenes
polypropylene polyptyrene polystyrene polystyrene foams polystyrene
polystyrene latex particles polystyrene latex spheres polystyrene polystyrene spheres polystyrene
polytetrafluoroethylene polyurethane polyurethane foam polyurethane foams polyvinyl acetate
polyvinyl chloride polyvinylidene dluoride pool boiling pool burning pool fires
pore pressure pores pore size distribution pore solution pore structure
porosity porour media porous ceramics porous materials porous media
porous solids porous surface portland cement ports (openings) positioning system
postcrash fires post-installed anchors post-modernism post-occupancy evaluation post-tensioned
post-tensioning potable water potassium carbonates potassium potential heat
potting pour patterns powder powder filling powder
powder panels powders power burner draft factor power cords power supplied
power supplies power supply circuits power supply pozzolanic reaction pozzolans
practice use prandtl number precast concrete precast concretes precast
preceramics precision precision statement predicted performance predicted strength
prediction predictive methods predictive models predictive performance tools prefire planning
preignition premixed flames prescribed burnings prescriptive standards present value discount factors
preservation PRESSS pressure pressure difference pressure differental
pressure differential pressure-driven flow pressure drop pressure dynamics pressure
pressure effects pressure effect pressure pressure loss pressure
pressure range pressure reduction pressure pressure vessels pressure
pressurization prestressed concrete prestressed concretes preventive maintenance pricing
priorities prioritization prisons private sector probabilistic prediction
probability and statistics probability probability distributions probability probability statistics
probability probabilty probes process design process engineering data
process industry process plant process specifications product development production rate
productivity measurement product model product safety profile definition program evaluation
progressive collapse project delivery system project outcomes project planning promoters
propagation propagation delay propagation propagation velocity propane
propellant combustion propellants propylene propylene glycol protected paste volume
protective clothing protective equipment protocol protocols prototypes
prototype testing pseudoreference psychology public awareness public buildings
public sector public utilities public works pullout tests pulse time-of-flight
pumice pumps pyrolysis pyrolysis models pyrolysis
pyrolysis products pyrolysis pyrolysis rate pyrolysis pyrolysis temperature
pyrolysis pyrometers pyrotechnics


qualitative analysis qualitative data quality assurance quality control quality
quantitative analysis quantitative method quantitative quantum yield quartz crystal microbalance
quartz tube quasi-static analysis questionnaires quick response sprinklers


R123 R125 R134a R143a R152a
R22 R23 R32 raceways radar
radiant energy radiant flux radiant flux profile radiant heat flux radiant heating
radiant ignition radiant panel radiant panel test method radiant source radiation absorption
radiation detection radiation radiation feedback radiation radiation heat flux
radiation radiation ignition radiation radiation measurements radiation modeling
radiation radiation scattering radiation radiation transport radiation
radiative absorption radiative flux radiative heat flux radiative heat loss radiative heat transfer
radical recombination radicals radioactive wastes radio equipment radio frequency
radiometers radio signals radio waves raditive heat loss radium activity concentration
radon radon availability radon radon potential mapping railroad accidents
railroad safety railroads Raleigh light scattering Ramsey prices random loading
random materials random vibration random walks range accuracy range resoltuion
ranges Rankine cycle rapid chloride test rating methodology rating
rating procedure ratings rats raw materials Rayleigh-Bernard
Rayleigh-Debye light scattering Rayleigh light scattering rayleigh light scattering Rayleigh light scattering rayleigh light scattering
ray scattering model R&D expense reaction reaction kernel reaction kinetics
reaction rate reaction time reagents real scale fire tests real-time tracking
real world particles reasonant frequency rebars rebound hammer recharge
reciprocity law recommendations reconstruction recovered recovery
rectangular reinforcement recycled rubber tires recycle reduced beam section reduced gravity
reduced scale enclosures reduced scale reference reference material reference materials
refirgerants refirgeration reflectance reflected harmonic reflectivity
refractive index refrigerant compressors refrigerant expansion refrigerant/lubricant mixtures refrigerant mixtures
refrigerants refrigerants/lubricant mixtures refrigerants refrigeration refrigerator-freezer
refrigerator-freezer temperature setting refrigerators refrigernant mixtures refuge regional economic modeling
regional meteorology regression analysis regression regression rate regualtors
regulations rehabilitation rehometers reinforced cements reinforced columns
reinforced concrete column reinforced concretes reinforced plastics reinforced walls reinforcing bars
relative humidity relative stability reliability reliability-based methodology reliability based standards
reliability reliability theory reliability REMI remote-controlled construction
remote database access renewable energy repair and retrofit repair repair materials
repair repeatability reprocessing reproducibility requirements
rescue rescue operations rescue research agenda research facilities
research impacts research management research program research tools reserach facilities
residence time residentail buildings residential buidlings residential buildings residential dishwashers
residential energy consumption residential fires residential housing residential improvements residential indoor air quality
residential models residential sprinklers residential structural performance residual mechanical properties residual method
residues resins resonant frequency testing resource allocation resource tracking
respirators respiratory systems responders response surface methodology response time
response time standards response time restaurants restrained shrinkage retrieval terms
retrofit retrofitting retrofit return bends reviewing
Reynolds number reynolds number Reynolds number RFID RFID communication standards
rheology rheology test methods rheology rheometers rhoemeters
Rietveld method rigid foam rigid foams risk-adjusted discount rate risk analysis
risk assessment risk attitude risk exposure risk management risk mitigation
risk reduction risks RoboCrane robotics rocket propellants
rock morphology rocks rods roof cavities roof functions
roofing (finishes) roofing roofing technology roof membrane roofs
roof to wall connections roof ventilation roof vents room air flow modeling room burns
room fires room humidity effect rooms room tests round robin
rubber concrete rubberized mortar rubber modeling rubber tires rural fires


safety safety devices safety safety engineering safety
safety evaluation safety factors safety safety measures safety
safety nets safety safety standards safety safety standards
saline conditions salts salt solution salts salt water
salt water models salt water salvage sampling sampling plan
sampling sand SASW testing SASW test saturated lightweight aggregates
saturation scalar data scalar dissipation scale effects scale fires
scale laws scale models scaling scaling laws scaling
scanning electron microscopy scanning scattering coefficient scattering cross sections scattering
scattering metrology scattering scenarios schedule compression Schmidt-Boelter gauges
schools Schwarzschild Law scientific visualization scratch and Mar scratch resistance
screen saver science seals seam seams search engines
seasonal performance seatbelts seats sea water security
SEER segmentation segregation seismic seismic analysis
seismic applications seismic base isolation seismic damage seismic design seismic design procedure
seismic design seismic design requirement seismic design seismic design suspended ceilings seismic design
seismic effects seismic evaluation seismic guidelines seismic seismic isolation
seismic isolation systems seismic loading seismic loads seismic performance seismic
seismic performance seismic rehabilitation seismic resistance seismic risks seismic safety
seismic standards seismic seismic strengthening seismic testing seismic
seismic upgrading seismic seismic zonation seismology self-assembled monolayers
self-consolidating concrete (SCC) self contained breathing apparatus self-desiccation self desiccation self-desiccation
self desiccation self-dessication self-extinguishment self extinguishment self-extinguishment
self heating self-heating self ignition self-leveling compounds semi-active control
semiconductor devices semiconductors SEM imaging sensitivity sensitivity analysis
sensitivity sensitivity analysis sensitivity sensitivity to initial conditions sensitivity
sensors separation sequencing control service life service life prediction
service life service life standards service life service sewage
sewage treatment shaking table shape shape analysis shape factor
shapes shear friction shear strength shear stress shear walls
shear wave velocity shell of revolution shipboard fires ships shock tubes
shock waves shopping centers shore protection short retrun bends short return bends
shrinkage side jets sidewall sprinkler systems siding siding systems
signal attenuation signal detection signal processing signals signal-to-noise ratio
silanes silica silica fume silica gel silica
silicate silicates silicon compounds silicone silicones
silicon film silicon siloxanes simulaiton simulated falls
simulation simulation models simulation simulations simulation
simulations simulation simulations simulation simulations
simulation simulator simulators single-crystalline single family dwellings
single-family houses single family housing single ply membranes singular perturbation analysis sinkholes
sintering site-built housing site-specific characterization size distribution size distributions
size distribution size exclusion chromotography skin (human) slabs (members) sleep
sliding systems slip correction factor slip resistance slow positrons slug calorimeter
slump slump test small angle neutron scattering small scale fire tests smart materials
smart structures smoke smoke barriers smoke behavior smoke
smoke chamber test smoke smoke coagulation smoke smoke collection
smoke smoke concentration smoke smoke control smoke
smoke dampers smoke density chambers smoke density smoke smoke detection
smoke detection systems smoke smoke detectors smoke smoke dynamics
smoke smoke emisions smoke emissions smoke smoke fields
smoke smoke filling smoke smoke flow smoke
smoke gases smoke generation smoke smoke generation smoke
smoke hazards smoke smoke inhalation smoke smoke layers
smoke smoke management smoke measurement smoke smoke measurement
smoke meters smoke smoke movement smoke smoke obscuration
smoke smoke plumes smoke point smoke points smoke
smoke production smoke smoke purge smoke purge sytems smoke
smoke sampling smoke smoke spread smoke smoke toxicity
smoke smoke transport smoke transport model smoke transport smoke
smoke vents smoke smoke yield smoking smoldering
smoldering combustion smoldering smoldering ignition smoldering smooth surface
smooth tube smothering snesitivity snow social science
sodium bicarbonate sodium dodecyl sulfate sodium hydroxide sodium soffits
softward development software software development software project management software requirements template
software soil anchors soil factors soil improvement soil liquefaction
soil mixing soil-sensing soils soil temperatures soil testing
solar air conditioning solar cells solar collectors solar energy solar
solar heating solar photovoltaics solar solar reflectance solar space heating
solar system sol-gel synthesis solid fuels solid materials solid mechanics
solid mixtures solid phases solid propellant gas generators solid propellants solids
solid state solids solid surface solid surfaces solid waste
solubility solution/metal solvent exchange solvents soot
soot aggregates soot soot formation soot soot inception
soot sorption isotherms sorption isotherm sorption sorptivity
source control sources source temperature spacecraft spacecraft fires
spacecraft spacecraft models spacecraft space flight space heating
space shuttle space shuttle external tank space shuttle space stations space suits
spacing spacing equations spacing spalling sparys
spatial configuration spatial decomposition spatial sensors speciation species concentrations
specifications specific heat specific local resistance spectral absorptivity spectral emissivity
spectra spectrometers spectroscopy sphere packings spheres
sphere sizes spheres spherical harmonic spherical harmonics spill fires
spillover costs spin coating spine-fin spontaneous combustion spot test kits
spray density spray nozzles sprays sprays e sprays
spreading resistance spread rates spread spectrum radar sprikler activation sprinkler activation
sprinkler design sprinkler location sprinkler response sprinklers sprinkler sensitivity
sprinklers sprinkler spray sprinklers sprinkler systems SRD
SRM stability stack effect stack effects stack effect
stag hydration staging areas stagnation point stainless steel stainless steels
stairways stairwell stairwells standard formats standardization
standard practice standard reference database standard reference materials Standard Reference Materials standard reference material (SRM) 1450
standard reference materials Standard Reference Materials Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) standard reference materials standards
standards of the future standards standard testing stand-by power standpipes
state government state impacts static output feedback static tests statistical analysis
statistical data statistical fluctuation statistical geometry statistical methods statistical uncertainties
statistics steady state steady state efficiency steady state steady-state test methods
steady state steel beams steel columns steel construction steel frame buildings
steel frames steel joints steel members steel moment connection steel moment connection retrofit
steel moment connection steels steel structures steel structuresl steel structures
steel studs steels STEP step-modulating furnaces/boilers STEP
stereo lithography stereology stochastic differential equations stochastic dynamical systems stochastic dynamics
stochastic equations stochastic linearization stochastic procedure stochastic process stochastic resonance
stoichiometry stokes equations stone storage storage stability
storage storage tanks storage storm surge story drift
stoves strain and stress strain energy strain profiles strain rate
strand board stratification stratified flow strength strength development
strengthening strength stress stress measurements stress (mechanics)
stress relaxation strings stripping strong-motion structual design
structural analysis structural behavior structural collapse structural control structural damage
structural design structural dynamics structural elements structural engineering structural failure
structural failures structural failure structural failute structural fires structural integrity
structural materials structural member design structural members structural models structural performance
structural properties structural reliability structural responce structural response structural stability
structural steel structural steels structural steelwork structural system structural systems
structure-property relationships structures strut and tie model students styrene
submarines substitutes substrate interface substrates subways
sulfate attack sulfate sulfur sulfur dioxide sulfur hexafluoride
superabsorbent polymers superplasticizers suppression surface analysis surface and interface
surface chemistry surface coatings surface cooling surface ignition surface morphology
surface pattern formation surface roughness surface temperature surface tension surface tensions
surface tension surface waves surfactants surfactant surfactants
surges surveying surveys surveys of buildings surveys
survivability survival suspension suspensions sustainable development
sustainable engineering sustainable material sustainable roofing sustainable technology swelling
synergistic effects synthesis synthetic resins system damping system design
system development life cycle system identification system identification method system identification systems analysis
systems approach systems engineering systems failure systems performance systems preformance
systems safety


taguchi gas sensor (trademark) tanker ships tank fires tank trucks tar paper
TARP thermal resistance tars Taylor-Tomotka teaching tools technolgy utilization
technology assessment technology impacts technology implementation technology transfer technology utilization
telecommunicaitons telecommunications telemetry temeprature measurements temeprature
tempeature tempeature measurements tempeature temperatre temperature
temperature coefficients temperature temperature contour temperature contours temperature
temperature correlations temperature temperature curves temperature temperature differences
temperature temperature distribution temperature distributions temperature distribution temperature effect
temperature temperature effect temperature effects temperature temperature effects
temperature temperature field temperature fields temperature temperature gradients
temperature temperature measurement temperature temperature measurement temperature measurements
temperature temperature measurements temperature temperature measurment temperature
temperature model temperature temperature profiles temperature temperature range
temperature temperature refrigerants temperature temperature rise temperature
temperature transfer temperature temperaure tenability tenability limits
tenability tensile properties tensile strength tensile stress tensile test
tension structures terminology terrain mapping terrain modeling terrorism
terrorists test and rating methodology test apparatus test bed test chambers
test data test device test equipment test facilities test facility
test fires testing test methods test procedure test procedures
test protocols tests test strewngth tests Texas
textiles T-fin themodynamics theoretical mechanics thermal absorptivity
thermal agents thermal analysis thermal behavior thermal burns thermal comfort
thermal condicitivity thermal conductance thermal conductiity thermal conduction thermal conductivity
thermal decomposition thermal degradation thermal degradaton thermal detectors thermal diffusion
thermal diffusivity thermal effects thermal efficiency thermal elasticity thermal emission
thermal energy thermal envelope thermal environment thermal explosions thermal exposure
thermal ignition thermal imaging thermal inertia thermal insulation thermal insulators
thermal load thermal mass thermal measurement thermal oxidation thermal oxidative degradation
thermal oxidative thermal performance thermal properties thermal protection thermal radiation
thermal reactions thermal resistance thermal response thermal sensitivity thermal stability
thermal stresses thermal transfer thermial inertia thermistors thermochemical properties
thermochemistry thermocouples thermodyamic properties thermodynamic performance thermodynamic properies
thermodynamic properties thermodynamics thermoelasiticity thermography thermogravimetrical analyses
thermogravimetric analysis thermogravimetry thermogravity thermometers thermoouples
thermophysical properties thermopile thermopiles thermoplastic fabrics thermoplastics
thermoplstics thermoset recycling thermosets thermostats thickness
thickness measurement thickness thin filament pyrometry thin film threat
threshold methods tile timber time time lag
timeline analysis time measurement time time of use time of wetness
time time scale time time series time
time-to-failure time to failure tin tip shape calibration tires
titania titanium titanium dioxide titanium toluene
topography tornadoes, damage assessment tornadoes tornado torsional pendulum analysis
total flooding toughening toxicants toxic gases toxic hazards
toxicity toxicity test methods toxicity toxicology toxic products
tracer gas tracer gas test tracer gas tracers trailers
training training devices training tranducers transducers
transfer calibration transfer technique transformers transient transients
translations transmission transmission electron microscopy transmission transmission lines
transmission transmissivity transmittance transport aircraft transportation
transport transport equation transport model transport transport processes
transport proeprties transport properties transport trapezoidal-fin trash
trench effect tricalcium aluminate trichloroethylene trichlorofluoromethane trifluoromethane
trucks trusses truss model tsunami tsunamis
tubes tubular joints tuned mass dampers tungsten silver composite tunnel fires
tunnels tunnel tests Turbo-BII(TM) turbulence turbulent burning
turbulent combustion turbulent flames turbulent flow turbulent heat transfer turbulent jet flames
turbulent jets turbulent mixing turnout coats twisted tapes twistlocks
two-phase flow two-phase mixture two-phase pressure drop two-stage furnaces/boilers


UL 1626 UL 2075 UL 2127 UL 2166 UL 217
UL 268 UL 299 UL 300A UL 711 UL94
UL 94 ullage ultimate loads ultimate load tests ultimate load
ultrafine particles ultrasonic echo method ultrasonic extraction (UE) ultrasonic methods ultrasonic pulse velocity
ultrasonic tests ultraviolet chambers ultraviolet exposure ultraviolet radiation unbonded prestress
uncedrtainity uncertaingy uncertainity uncertainty uncertainty analysis
uncertainty undercut undertainty underventilated combustion underventillated combustion
unimolecular decomposition unimolecular reactions unsteady flows upholstered furniture upholstery
upward spread urban areas urban fires urban habitat urban/wildland interface
urea formaldehyde resin urethanes URL user costs user fees
user interface user needs user preferences utilities uv chambers
uv degradation UV radiation UV-spectrophotometry UV spectroscopy


vaccum chambers vacuum chambers Valanis-Landel Function valication validation
validity value engineering valves valvs vapor compression cycle
vapor compression vapor compression system vapor compression vapor diffusivity vaporization
vaporizing liquids vapor phases vapor pressure vapor retarders vapors
variable-air-volume system variable dampers variable speed vaults VDTs
vector data vegetation vehicle performance vehicles vehicle testing
velocity velocity distribution velocity velocity field velocity fields
velocity field velocity fields velocity velocity measurement velocity
velocity measurement velocity velocity measurements velocity velocity measurement
velocity method velocity velocity profiles velocity vent flow
ventilation ventilation effectiveness ventilation ventilation rates ventilation
ventilation systems ventilation venting vents verification acceptance
verification vertical plates vertical tandem lifts vertification vibration
view factor vinyl ester vinyl polymers vinyl resins vinyl wallpaper
virial coefficient virtual virtual environment virtual laboratory virtual measurement
virtual reality displays virtual reality virtual technology virtual testing viscoelasticity
viscoelastic viscoelastic media viscoelastic properties viscosity viscous flow
visibility visual evidence visual imagery visual inspection visualization
visualization technique visualization vitation vitiation VOC
VOC transport voice communication voids volatile organic compounds volatile organic compound
volatile organic compounds volume volume calculations volume volume flux measurements
volume fraction volume volumetric capacity volume vortex interaction
vortex strength vorticity vulnerability Vycor


wafer scanner wakefulness wall assemblies wall assembly wallboard
wallborad wall construction wall coverings wall fires wall flows
wall heat transmission wall linings wall panels wall performance walls
walls fires walls walls wind tunnels wall temperature warehouses
warning systems warping waste baskets waste disposal waste management
waste materials waste water wastewater water water additives
water water cement ratio water water chiller water
water conservation water consumption water contents water water curing
water damage water water discharge water distribution water droplets
water waterfall model water water flow water fog
water water heaters water heating water water interaction
water water loss water measurement water water mist
water movement water water pressure water waterproof coatings
water water services water water solubility water
water-source heat pump water spray water sprays water water supply
water watertightness water-to-water heat pumps water water transport
water vapor water vapor permeability water vapor water vapors water vapor
water vapor transfer water waves wave structures wax
weatherability weather effects weathering website weight loss
weight loss rate welded bottom haunch welded connections welded haunch welded joints
weld fracture welding welfare maximization well fires Western Europe
wet adhesion wether effects wetting white-collar productivity white lead
whole-pattern fitting width of size distribution wildland fires wildland/urban interface wildland urban interface
wildland/urban interface wildland urban interface wildland/urban interface wildland urban interface wildland/urban interface
winches wind climate wind damage wind direction wind disasters
wind effects wind engineering wind wind forces wind forcing
wind load wind loads wind (meteorology) windows window test methods
wind pressure wind research wind speeds windstorm protection wind tunnel models
wind tunnels wind tunnelw wind velocity wireless communicaitons wireless communication
wireless communications wireless data transfer wireless jobsite communications wires wiring
wood wood cribs wood wooden structures wood
wood frame construction wood-frame construction wood wood materials wood
wood stoves wood wood structures wood wood trusses
wood truss wood workability field test workability working
working fluids workshop World Trade Center World Wide Web WYEC


x ray absorptiometry x ray absorption x-ray absorption x ray absorption x-ray absorption
x ray attenuation x ray computed tomography x-ray diffraction x ray diffraction x-ray diffraction
x ray diffraction x-ray diffraction x ray diffraction x ray images x ray imaging
x ray microtomography x-ray microtomography x ray microtomography x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy x ray powder diffraction
x-ray powder diffraction x-ray reflectivity x ray spectroscopy x-ray tomography x ray tomography
x-ray tomography x ray tomography x-ray tomography


yield strength yield stress young modulus Young's modulus


zeotrope zeotropes zeotropic zeotropic mixtures zeotropic mixture
zeotropic refrigerants zeotropic zeta potential ZFM-HVAC zirconia
zirconium oxide zone models zoning

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